Wheel Spacers

Now I’m all sure you know Forza Motorsport 5 is a good game. The thing that annoys me, are that there are NO wheel spacers. Now being a player of Forza 4 and Forza Horizon, there were no wheel spacers. Why? If there were spacers and a higher camber limit (say maybe 20) then the people who play your game would be able to have cool cars to drive around. I must say Turn 10, if you actually listened to the community then you get more people playing Forza Motorsport.

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Well, it would be cool. This is what the Game Features Wishlist is for. Not to mention that I don’t know how many racecars have spacers and ridiculous spacers.

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Yep i agree it belongs here: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst207_Forza-Motorsport-5-Game-Features-Wish-List.aspx

Could be kinda cool tho. Johniwanna did a article on a stance event not too long ago.

I’d imagine the reason there are no wheel spacers in fm5 or any other forza motorsports game is because wheel spacers and the “hella flush” “stance” look have no place in a simulator racing game as they have no place on a track in real life. No real race car has wheel spacers or worry about how flush they are. Now a game like horizon is diff, that’s a game about car clubs and shows and cruising and the diff aspects of the car scene in general. Forza Motorsport is a track racing simulator and cars with -10 degrees of camber and wheel spacers have no place being on a track in a simulator or real life period.

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I guess its my opinion so yea

I guess its my opinion so yea

Ill never understand the stance trend its like hipster for cars I guess, just such a waste of money for what worse performance all around and not to mention unsafe stretching tires is just stupid. I saw a post on Facebook the other day from some idiot who cut his factory steel wheels in half and made them 8 inches wide factory is like 5 im sure the guy as no clue what he is doing. Just the fact that it will probably drive like its on 48 s is bad enough but im sure it will be a danger to anyone driving around it.

That is exactly my problem with “stance”. In most cases it’s not safe for the driver of the car or anyone else on the road. When someone lowers there car so that it’s about an inch off the ground it decreases the stroke of the dampers so much it makes them practically useless. When your dampers don’t work they can’t control the occelations of the springs which makes your car bounce all over the place (hence why stance cars are so bouncy) witch decreases the size of the contact patch and decreases the amount of weight pushing down on the tires. To add to that they have like -3 to - 10 degrees of camber which further decreases the size of the contact patch.and just adds to the problem. For an example if what this does to a car go into fm5 set your rebound and bump to the lowest setting and max the - camber and then try to drive around the track without crashing. I saw a video on FB a while back of a stance car driving down a freeway that drove over one of those spacers on a bridge and lost control driving in a straight line and flew In to several other cars. Stance cars have no place being on the road endangering the lives of other ppl. They are show cars and belong on trailers and in car shows.

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It’s definitely one of the dumber car trends out there.

Wheel spacers shouldnt be added as they’re pointless in a race.

However we should be able to select the offset of the wheels. Its a bit ridiculous to think that you can fit such huge tyres on the stock offsets and it wouldn’t rub on the shocks.

Offset would allow players to make their wheels flush. Especially on the 240Z which has a bodykit option for flared guards but you can’t put low offset wheels on so they look terrible.

Spacers, In my opinion a bad idea since they only make the car handle worse and more unreliable. Wheel Offset, yes pls. Really want like TE37 to be really concave :smiley:

Wheel offset yes, spacers no but then, isn’t a ridiculous offset wheel just as bad? Well, yes.

It’s how far the center of the contact patch is from the steer axis that’s really important.

Wheel offset should be an option though and it’s effects considered, it puzzles me that no game seems to consider this when it’s really rather important.

Camber should be set so that the tyres wear and heat evenly, enough said.