Wheel players, what do you have, what are your settings, and how do you stop wipeouts?

Hi all,

I am a sim racer and real life motorsports participant. I understand Forza Horizon 5 is an arcade game and not a sim game. However, I am utterly confused as to how to detect and stop spinout/wipeouts. I had the same issue in FH4 and gave up trying to figure it out because the game straight up seems built for controllers.

FH5 is giving me the same feeling, which is a damn shame because there are no good open world racers of this caliber. Anyway, when I sense traction loss about to happen, in both rl and sim, there is enough feedback that tells me how far to countersteer, and how much throttle to apply. In Forza, no amount of countersteering or feather throttling seems to correct traction loss; the car will just slide until it’s slow enough to get traction. If the answer is to use the brakes…well I’ll use a controller then to prevent bad habits lol