Wheel Logic in cars

This kind of logic not available any of race cars I guess.

How these wheels improves performance? Stock tires should be best just like all other new race cars.

Fix this immediately.

Also available in many other cars

“logic” is not really specific - please describe in detail what the issue is.


Ok sorry :+1:

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If you’re asking why the performance increases with those wheels, it’s because they have less weight than the stock wheels.

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Hi @UltimatX7501 , maybe aftermarket parts are just have less weight? :thinking:
You should do a comparison between them. (IRL data only)


Hello! No. I have knowledge about cars and parts. And NONE of these wheels could be better than stock because that rim specifially designed for best performance for that car also how a old century muscle car rim results better performance than stock and a ordinary O.Z rim lol😃 you can see that muscle rim results better performance than that O.Z

Available in many other cars. I’ve updated topic.