Wheel FFB Discussion : Xbox One : FM5/6 vs. Project Cars

Seeing all the criticism of the FM5 and FM6 FFB system on here has really surprised me.

I liked the FM5 / FM6 Demo FFB more than Project Cars, and this is why :

Forgive the laymans terminology… when i go into a corner and start to lose grip with my front wheels (I think it’s called tyre scrub), in FM5, my wheel starts to go light. That tells me I’m losing traction, so I need to readjust. I don’t feel that in Project Cars. I just pretty much feel resistance when steering, and bumps when I go over rumble strips.

What am I doing wrong? What FFB settings in Project Cars would give me that, with a TX wheel? I always have my DOR at 900. Anything less feels too twitchy.

What would you say, specifically, are the differences between the current Xbox One games, with a wheel?

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