Wheel driver Hit/Crash Lag online - WAS MY ISSUE

I recently edited this post, because as I played more, and worked on my tunes, things got much better… I recognize most of the problem was grip… mine less than theirs! in a contact, I lost… tightening up my tune and keeping the tires in good grip now has me seeing it the other way around (than originally as described below). Now, I often see the other guy hit me, then go flying into the grass… Hopefully for them, they read this too! LOL!

Thanks! Happy Racing!

Original post follows(but not as relevant note):
Looking for new discussion on wheel driver experience when racing in online leagues and multiplayer…

If you are a wheel driver please add your experience here.

I drive a ThrustMaster TX/T3PA/TH8A setup… I love it… I have overcome most of my issues and am loving FM6… I’m winning several league races now in C And S classes… Good tunes, knowing limits, and tracks is critical…

However, in online races where collisions are on… I feel disadvantaged!

Often, at the start of the races (or in later stages too), when I get bumped, I go flying… Literally! Often getting flipped several times, spun, churned by every car hitting me on their way by… Then left to recover about a half mile behind the pack… Who all seemed to brush off the contact like nothing happened.

If I race in ghost leagues, I run top five against really good racers (wheels or controllers)… Often scoring victories too!

I’ve come to think that it gets so bad because of some lag that only affects me when using the wheel… Like it happened before I knew about it, and by the time I experience any sense of the contact, I am already way too far gone for recovery???

What is your experience… Anyone have input to substantiate what I’m observing, or advice to help deal with this?