What's your take on Kudos?

So, just wondering what people think of the Kudos system. Do you send Kudos when you receive a gift car? Do you like many Super7 challenge cards? Using a downloaded tune for awhile…do you send a “like”? It seems like a lot of players go out of their way to hit the cancel button (or dislike button…does that do anything?) instead of giving likes to others but IDK, so that’s why I’m asking. I always click the like button (Hey… it’s the first one :laughing:) unless someone made something intentionally frustrating (we’ve all had THOSE Super7 cards!). I’m up to 78 Kudos (no idea if that is good or bad) So…what’s your take on Kudos?

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I have 5 kudos and my license plate is “dirty”. Go figure


That’s my take. You get a kudo for gifting a car regardless if they like it or not. I’m going to say 90+% of kudos handed out are for exploiters getting rid of their Willy’s jeeps and Pontiac Trans ams


In my experience it must be broken,
I always send thank yous for gifted cars and have gifted loads but I’ve still only got 3 Kudos points since starting the game on pre-launch day 1 as most people don’t send a thank you back.
Still no idea what they are used for anyway.
We’ll see what happens when Secret Santa feature goes active.
Seems stupid that you give away cars and have to rely on others responses to get any Kudos. Basically just giving cars away for no reason.

I will “like” things if I actually like them or find them useful, but not just for the sake of spreading virtual love or something.


I don’t know the purpose of it. I know I have a few hundred ‘kudos’ but zero ‘likes’ in my stats, despite the kudos having come from people liking my paints. So my take is that I don’t understand the system.


I don’t understand it either. In my messages I can get 14 likes, and 1 Kudos… so Kudos aren’t likes? What are they then?

My take is that its brokenness is just about on par with the rest of the game :confused:

Pre-update I had 114 kudos. Post update the number shown in game varies on an almost daily basis - yesterday I had 4, today I have 19 lol.

“Your gift has been sent, you’ve just made Horizon a better place!” - well it couldn’t get much worse, could it?

It’s an irrelevance.


What does it even do? I can’t spend it on anything, the tile is inactive in the menu so there is nothing to look at. At least with Downloads/Likes/Uses I get a small amount of credits.

I do Like/Send Gifts/Thank People though, I may not know what it does but I’ll at least take part!

Thinking about it, it must be a thank.

Kudos is just something that was added to the game as Playground thought we wanted the game to be like a Social Network where people get excited when they get likes!

It has no relevance…I have 44 Kudos from gifting cars. Much like the tyre smoke, it was interesting the first time “Yay, I’ve got my first Kudos”, now it’s just “Meh, don’t really care”


I think the functionality that makes Kudos useful is still upcoming in some future content update.

As they are now, I don’t quite see the point tbh.

I hope it’s nothing too serious, just some casual rewards for it. If you get Kudos everytime you gift a car why not buy 100 of the cheapest (or expensive, you might be rich lol) cars and gift them out!

Already in… Wait for the xmas special

Can you say ‘Secret Santa’?

So as if gifting as it was wasn’t enough, now you have to spend Forzathon points to buy cars from the shop to gift if you want to play the new ‘game’?? Am I reading that right? All that just to get a santa suit and a Peel. Hmmmmmm… Let me think about that one.

I’m still trying to remember how many players asked for this gifting feature…

Not at all useful for me. I find it to be just one more of the kumbaya things being added to the games. Personally, I just want to do car things in this game. I don’t want to ‘feel included’, I don’t want a customizable character, I don’t want to be greeted by name, and I certainly don’t want or need all these additional warm and fuzzies that they keep adding to the game.


Next update they’ll have our avatars doing trust fall’s between themselves for 5 points in the playlist.

You wait and see lol


2 words.

Utterly pointless.

Also I keep receiving gift delivered messages when I haven’t bothered with it since the first couple of weeks of the game.


That would be because they keep getting delayed…I hadn’t received a message for well over a week then suddenly received 20 at once…a few days with none then another 13

It’s a useless status symbol. When it actually works that is. Gifting is just a way of dumping crappy duplicate cars from your garage in most cases. Or, as noted above, a ranking system for those who exploit the game.