Whats up with all the modders?

I usually hang out in S RWD DRAG lobbies and there seem to be more and more modding going on nowadays, even in public lobbies. For example there was a guy i raced a few times and he was bragging about his fast 69’ camaro and said he was brake boosting his it.

So i saved the replay and what do i see, first of all he is using manual with clutch wich means the he cant be brake boosting. AND as he launches, the in game telemetry shows a maximum value of 1.7G’s.

As a reference i drove a few cars:

Brake boost S class 69 camaro which has the a LS1 Twin Turbo and runs the 1/4 mile in like 9.550-9.6s. It launched at like **1.02G’**s.
Brake boost S class Porsche 911 1973’ that runs 1/4 mile in 9.15-9.2ish s launched at 1.06G’s
Brake boost R3 4wd V10 swap Dodge Dart that does the 1/4 mile in mid-high 8’s launched at 1.42G’s.

There is no way in hell that his drop-catch rwd camaro launches better than my brake boost 4wd Dart, there’s got to be something fishy going on here, right?

I’ve got this on video but when i upload them to forzamotorsport you cant see the telemetry. Is there any way to se the telemetry in the video you upload?

Modding has killed the rwd and s class roll lobbies, kinda to the point where you just pet them on the head for acknowledgement then play on. Or take your chances and join the darkside. ( I highly suggest against that option)