What's the story with this "Hall of Fame"?

I can’t find any reference to it in game apart from a spot by the festival that shows you who’s in it but doesn’t say anything about how you’re supposed to get there.
That’s all fine, or it would be if they hadn’t made it the qualification for the Trial. The Trial was always one of my favourite things in 4. Now I don’t have any chance of earning the points or the car from it until I find out what level of grinding I’m going to have to do to qualify for it.

Open all the festival locations
Reach level 50
Get 200,000 Accolade points

I don’t remember what my accolade number or level was but I remember getting into the HOF when I fully expanded all the festivals.

I find it really rather pointless, the rewards for completing
those Hall of Fame accolades aren’t that motivating at all, if they put some new cars behind that they would’ve been on to something cool but no, same cars we’ve driven 4579 times already. Dissatisfied.

I disagree… I drove my cars 4580 times!

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The Trial is 3+ weeks, right? That’s plenty of time, just play the game for an hour or so daily. Probably less.

The Trial is on right now. Yesterday was the official start of the first series. Anyone who didn’t have early access has some catching up to do.

Don’t forget that the Trial only runs for a week before changing to a new one (unless I missed it and they changed the system)…it’s fine for Playlist rewards as you don’t need to do the Trial to get the Rewards but people still want to

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i honestly love the aston martins as rewards, a couple million i can save not having to buy them

My brother got the invite to the HOF last night.

Did not have all chapters unlocked. In fact, only had 9 of the check marks on the tickets. Finished Horizon Mexico, Finished Horizon Apex, and only the first one on Baja and the first one on Street Scene.

So unlocking all of the chapters in the adventure must not be a prerequisite.

He had 198,xxx accolade points. Close to but not at 200,000….

He was somewhere around driver level 90 when he got the invite. He’s currently at 92, said he thinks he may have been at 89 at the time of invite.

I’d really like to know what the actual requirement is, because all google searching does is leads to an echo chamber of “200k accolades and all chapters unlocked”