Whats the purpose of FWD in this game?

A good example of video game culture vs car culture. Gaming culture is all about the stats and the win, car culture is about enjoying the cars as they are and working/tuning to create the best versions of what they can be without alienating how they were originally created. 100% agree, Forza does a great job of making it so everyone is able to enjoy it their own way.


To have fun in classes were it probably has no chance.

The thing i do to every car is to fully upgrade them with off.road tires and suspension and no Aero Parts, no drivetrain/engine swap, with this method nearly every car goes into A, S1, S2 class while avoiding putting cars in X class. (they stay in their class if they can go over halfway to other class Ex: if above 850 it stays in S1 if lower goes to A class)

that way i can use any car regardless if they are good or bad, just having fun in them and being suprised sometimes by the results is amazing, the same way in Forza 6 going to class racing and using just stock cars in their class against people in their modified cars.

Car mastery needs to be completely redone to reflect actual car mastery. It needs to be something that you earn through achievements that reflect the car’s original design and cultural context (drivetrain and class restricted events). And with awards that are worthwhile to get, such as master all cars of a certain type to a win a special car of that type, special paint designs, or even—dare I say it—clothing that’s unique to the car (1960s Le Mans racing uniform for mastering the Ford GT40, etc—not pink cargo shorts).

I frequently wish there was a FWD swap, actually. Particularly for rear engine cars. Whenever I want one I have to use AWD and tune the power all the way forward.

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I agree with this. A couple weeks back I set my PB time in the HLR hot lap race in a FWD Integra in a category filled with RWD cars. It’s especially useful if you tend to be heavy footed coming out of turns. I’d rather a bit of understeer that’s easy to correct instead of instant drift mode when driving high power lightweight RWD cars. It really depends on the car though.

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It seems there a many like me who like to leave the cars pretty stock. Usually I’ll upgrade tires, suspension, anti-roll bars, differential, and put a sport transmission in so I can do the tuning adjustments for those parts and go really light on the go-fast parts, especially if it is a car that would be weird to put upgrades on anyway, like a McLaren F1 or 2019 GT3. If I need a conversion for a car I just use someone else’s but rarely mess with conversions.

The seasonal championship going on with B class hot hatches … a (Edit: FWD … typo) DS 3 Racing might be the very best car for it. It overmatched unbeatable drivatars by about the widest margin I’ve seen, in corners and on straights. It doesn’t launch as well as an AWD car, but it makes up for it.

I think the solution is easy… AWD needs a PI nerf. But they never do this in the current game, but for next game, I am quite sure that FWD and RWD will see a comeback.

Not quite since AWD is still AWD regardless of PI number,

Think this if the PI lowers but the power, weight etc is the same as a higher PI RWD/FWD car, what drivetrain option you think will win?
The AWD most likely and with that is very hard to nerf AWD because is just better than RWD or FWD in most ocasions, thats why in many race classes AWD is banned.

Real life exemple is the Audi 200 in Trans-Am racing ,the SCCA “nerfed” the car with more weight, smaller tires, and less power to even out the AWD but still the Audi was better than the competion of RWD cars because of AWD
see this Secrets Of Speed: Unfair Advantage - YouTube

first of all this is on 80s second Its not OP because its AWD its OP because its modern race car on the middle of old race cars if you dont know the RWDs used crazy big tires on rear and small tires on front while the Audi used big tires on all wheels exactly like modern race cars another think is that time turbo lag is big and being AWD its easier control when turbo fill AWD its better on bad surfaces but not on race tracks except if have a very good traction control and about the nerf the nerf needed is around 15 PI the actual is made based on AWD needing same handling but AWD need less and spoiler lower pi and awd swap on mid engine lower pi is another broken fact, FM ever made the PI system correct Playground need to be less useless and fix this broken calculator since its a very important part of a racing game

i think this had been made on purpose to make the game more accesible to casuals … to me the real annoying thing with the PI is the crazy unbalance of engine swaps or of some cars … not only because of the drivetrain swap it feels like u driving the same car over and over … but the engine sound is the same because engine swaps are OP

basicly A class = V8 supercharged
S1 class = V10
S2 class = V12

why some engines have so much crazy penalties … look at the RB26s … what ever the top of the class … u end up always with less power/torque and more weight than the V8 … why ? … engine swap should be a choise not forced

Realism. People love upgrading their real life cars in games, especially in Horizon. If someone owns a Honda Civic in real life, it can be cool to upgrade your car in game. Also FWD can be useful in certain scenarios and very fun as well!

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I agree about drivetrain swap kill the game and most times the swap is impossible but you have the option but you’re wrong about RWD have more speed instead of allow drivetrain swap they need to fix the performance calculator to make all drivetrain competitive
AWD OP for everything the performance calculator is broken making AWD OP even a high speed racing on summer and drag racing( no one use class for drag but wanted to test) the AWD will be OP
RWD same speed or less than AWD, and on start of race the advantage of AWD is too big that even if your faster the chance of win is not good
FWD same speed or more than AWD but the worst start, they need very good tune to run but its a option better than RWD, my integra makes over 200mph(now 180) with 7.0 handling(im not using race spoiler race bumper) on A class (tune available for download just search my gamertag StudentDriverBR i only make tunes for RWDs and FWDs)
notice that RWD need MORE handling than AWD and FWD need MORE handling than RWD the diference is around 0.3 handling

The game can’t simulate the launch control found in most high-end sports cars therefore those RWD with a lot of power struggle at launch when they shouldn’t. So I think the issue isn’t AWD being OP but RWD being UP (when it comes to launch and a good launch is actually quite important in races in the game).

The Lakehurst Rush Street Race rival event is all B class and there are a bunch of FWD and RWD in the top 40. I just put that FWD DS 3 Racing at #30. The Hollyrood Park Circuit rival, A class Classic Racers, is all RWD drive. We’re supposedly getting class based rivals next month and I think people are going to be surprised at how many rivals are going to have non-AWD cars up top … D through S1.

How do you know those aren’t AWD? The game doesn’t show the type of drivetrain in the leaderboards. And since you’re allow to use your own cars for the events I bet quite a few of them converted the drivetrain to AWD.

Pretty easy to figure for point to point races because the launch. For the Lakehurst Rush street race, AWD gets a huge lead at the start. Tens of meters. Just on the front page, all 3 of the Ferrari 166’s are RWD, the Integra is FWD, and the Civic is FWD. I’ve built all those cars, too, but just haven’t set rivals times yet. I almost always save the best rivals cars for last so I can keep track of lesser cars’ performance. For Hollyrood, I first drove an AWD DBR1 there and saw the performance was lacking, so I used a better performing rival to build to . RWD. Also, one person on my friends list gets top 5 in everything and the 33 used was RWD. The tune is shared but I haven’t downloaded it because I don’t need to. If I have a rival ghost to watch, I can match the build. Driver skill is sometimes a different story.

And then there’s Rayne SE’s Clio FE.

The McLaren F1 is a popular car in S1 with an AWD swap. I don’t know how many people know this but a RWD build laps circuits quicker. Lighter with more power, easy to handle. When I first drove it at Broadway Village Circuit, I set a personal best on lap #3. I’ve won almost every unranked adventure race I’ve been in, but don’t use it in ranked because I have pass everybody. Usually it can, but I don’t like being back in the mosh pit when races are under 2 minutes … especially when I’d probably loses points if didn’t win the adventure because of the scoring system. The races being so short, plus traffic and maybe having to save a car that left the road, is why its all AWD in mp. That and not everyone actually testing to know for sure.

Did you look the time before say this? On Lakehurst you made 2:25 the fastest is 2:18, 7 seconds slower than the fastest 7 seconds is a very big difference, how you want to use a car that made 7 sec slower as a example about AWD not be OP? its fast but its a difference of 7 sec, this remember of FH3 people saying AWD is not OP because Regera is fast,1 car against 500 is not valid AWD win every race every class and people want to say its not op because on rival you can make a regera fast on specific races, i will ask the Grandma Driving if his car is RWD hes a youtuber but ever answered messages

You can tell watching GrandmaDriving’s (Isuckatdriving is the youtube channel) videos what drivetrain setup the car has. If he is coming out of a slow 90 deg turn and immediately accelerating, there is a good chance its AWD (He uses both, just run through some of the videos and you can see which ones are which).

Sorry but this means nothing some RWD launch good like AWD and the opposite happens too, but why? Bad tires to keep a high power/weight or a heavy tune with small tires to keep a high handling at cost of launch a good AWD tune use betwen 75%min to 90% max rear and this with the bad tires or heavy car =bad launch (later im gonna try this rivals) i remenber on first month of FH4 i as using my Golf(FWD) and a guy on Corvette as very good and on start on race his launch is bad like RWD and i see the rear wheels spinning i imagined “OMG a RWD friend”(because i am on club “RWD Boys”) i asked him he said its AWD with 85% rear(i win the race i made 55s best lap and the guy on corvette 56s), i stoped using AWD on FH3 because its annoying the fact AWD is OP and the worst is everyone using RWD with AWD swap you can’t just make a car AWD is not simple, you literally made a new car and all modifications we are allowed to make are small why we have a option like this? If allow this i want to turn my cars in hillclimb cars with superlight tube chassis with carbon fiber body and super aero and more racing engines on swap option and F1 engines on swap option