Whats New In Horizon 2?

Sup everyone.
Just wondering what is new in Horizon 2 as far as Body Kits, Rims and Engine Swaps go?

Not trying to turn this into a wish list or a complaint thread at all. Please just post if you have info on what is new.

I know the Supra has the same body kits but the 2JZ can now be upgraded to over 1000 hp!

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Quite a few new wheels I believe, don’t think there will be much new body-kit wise. (That’s not from playing it, just from seeing on various threads and talking to Ralph Fulton at EGX. I could be way off.)

Ill take a few new wheels at least. Thanks for the info

Well I am an idiot. Totally missed the threads for the engine swaps and the rims. Sorry folks. Mods can close this if they wish.

You can paint rims white, chrome, etc. and brake upgrades are visible (calipers and rotors).