What type of content are we looking at when forza 6 apex is fully out

We know it won’t be a full forza game like forza 6, BUT is there an average we can get.

For example maybe when it’s finished it will be filled with around half the content forza 6 has or even less, just wondering what kind of finished game we are looking at.

(yes i am aware that this is still a test game for the upcoming FH3 on PC but still just wanted to know)

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I guess it will stay as it is, just more polished at best.

Its likely not going to be finished, its more of a proving grounds for T10. Best you will see of Motorsport on the PC is this time next year.

I would love a motorsport on pc, it’s a dream

Curious to know what Turn 10 plans to add to the game in the future besides recycling events. With no multiplayer or cars to unlock the game is quite bare. The events have lost their appeal after the first rerun and collecting coins is pointless without anything to spend them on. There are ideas here that aren’t totally implemented that feel more at home in a demo than a release build.

Forza Apex is basically just a tech-demo. Since they have moved it out of beta and added all the features they promised I think this is all the content Apex will ever see besides small fixes and a bit more wheel support.

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They should at least add more events.

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Or make the weekly challenges count towards the “events completed”, if there are no plans on adding more content to the game.

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I think it’s probably not going to have anything added. More tracks would be nice though. I’m not sure why more tracks aren’t there. They’re already done. The good news is that the next full Forza game will be on the PC.