What really bugs me the most about the Forza Motorsport release

So, the game releases in the state that it’s in - it has bugs, missing a lot of previous features, has some quesionable design decisions and clearly a huge number of dissatisfied customers. That’s where we’re at, no way to change that now after the fact. And I don’t care how much fun you are having with the game, if you don’t realize how many people are soured by the games state, that’s on you.

But what bothers me the absolute most, as with MANY other big game studios, is the fact that there is zero direct communcation with the players, and the thousands of people who paid $100 to be a beta tester of sorts.

Yes, there’s a list of “known issues”, that’s not communicating with the playerbase. They KNOW that the game have serious issues, they’ve known long before release. And yes I’m sure they’re working on fixing the bugs and adding features, but at least TALK to us why they aren’t there to begin with and what you’re doing moving forward.

I want to reiterate something I wrote a few days ago - if the game is largely exactly the same, sans bugs, in a years time, then yes - the missing features and quality of life updates from previous titles were left out intentionally, for whatever extremely weird reasons (why make a game WORSE in many areas?). But again, somehow it was intentional then, however weird the reasons might be.

But if the game is patched & updated to once again receive the missing features, HOW can you release the game in the state that it’s in, for full price, WITHOUT mentioning any sort of reason as to why they’re gone? Again, without communication I could interpret that as you have very low respect for your players (customers) since you gladly sold a half-finished product for full price, that you fixed slowly over time instead.

I mean I get that T10 is a company who at the end of the day, exists primarily to make money. Don’t fool yourself thinking otherwise, they aren’t making games to “be nice”. It’s to make money for their shareholders. But is it really that much to ask to actually respect the people that pay you that money?

For bleeps sake - talk to us!


100% agree and the only way to make them listen is to stop paying them. I have canceled my gp ultimate and swiched to core. I tried motorsport and it was just another half made alpha release as fh5 was. So they wont get my money anymore. Well exp for the core but i need that to play other games online (not made by microsoft) :blush:

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