What racing rule am I breaking?

I am getting the dirty lap icon at the start of races or when near other cars. I’m not hitting other cars or abruptly changing lines. I’m guessing it’s some sort of maintaining a racing line violation? But I’m doing my best to maintain a reasonable line. And honestly, I’ve seen actual Formula 1 and GT races where drivers change lines more in wheel to wheel racing than I am in FM7. Is there a master rule book that FM7 racing rules are based on or at least some rule guidelines? Are FM7 rules based on FIA regulations where I could go read for maybe WEC since it has the most similar cars and tracks? Anyway, I’m just trying to improve skill and race within the rules.


I have experienced that while drafting, even though I’m drafting clean or getting good draft icon I still get dirty lap icon from time to time.

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The reason as to why you could be getting an dirty lap is as follows:

  1. Could be cutting the track.
  2. Could be extending the track limits.
  3. Contact with other cars.
  4. Giving or receiving slip stream with other cars.

The slipstream debate has been going on for a while now. The reason you get a dirty lap while slipstreaming is because it gives you an advantage in a straight line. The dirty lap while slipstreaming is to keep the leaderboards more consistent and fair so no one gets an advantage through slipstreaming.

Pretty much what the others have posted but one question to you . Do you have friction assist on ? You said you get the dirty lap icon at the start of the race correct? That could be contact , drafting or if it is immediate check to make sure friction assist is off. Drafting usually is not an immediate warning icon at the start of a race as you have no speed to draft yet. Contact or friction assist will trigger it immediately.

As for being near cars either in front behind or close beside you or the other car will pick up the draft and dirty the lap . You need to not be in a car’s draft or a car in your draft in the last time sector (time split) to start the next lap clean and maintain a clean lap and no drafting for that entire lap.

Hope that and the other posts before help

Thanks. Based on all the replies, I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m slipstreaming since it happens when I’m in proximity of other cars when I’m not exceeding track limits. And I do have friction assist off.


Glad you got it figured out … happy racing :slight_smile: