What new major feature do you think they will add next?

I heard rumors that new features will be added to FH5 before the first expansion. So what might they be? My guesses are either the ability to gift clothing to other players or new prosthetic heads added.

Where did you hear that? show me a link.

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New features? dont you think they need to fix everything before they even add more trash to the pile? …


Adding something new and broken would be much easier that fixing the laundry list of broken things in the game.
Yeah, you can expect robot heads before crucial bug fixes, they need something to keep the kiddies happy, they gonna get bored with running over bowling pins before long.

Yes but I also would like to see some big new features added like the ability to gift clothes and horns.

Everybody thinks that, but every AAA game has a service plan and targets to hit on top of resolving as many currently-existing issues as possible. If one were to wait until a game is “fixed” before Expansions released, there wouldn’t be any Expansions at all.

lol, it makes me laugh so much when people think FH5 is an AAA game… hahahahaha. Shrugh.


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You made me laugh irl. Thank you

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Full functionality of what is there across >1 week of chores.
Massive volcanic eruption destroys clothes factories and dance and makeup caravans.
Ownership of this clustermuck and deferred intros until IT ALL WORKS repeatably.
Nothing else to add until rest works.

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-The other CarDealer (BackstagePass) it was added in FH4 so pretty sure was developed for FH5 and backported to FH4
-The other Super7 thingy same reason
-Online or game is boring
-Some gamemode for the stadium
-Bugfixes sold as new feature :smiley:

I’m strangely interested in what new features they’ll break next TBH.

Whatever feature it is, it will surely force us to grind harder.


Some of the random dailies or requirements from festival playlist are grindy and one cannot complete fast to get over with it. For example, they stopped allowing custom routes for completion like “Complete 2 Cross Country Circuits” You have to grind the old and dusted circuits to complete and can’t do community created shorter routes. That riles me up.

Elastic can only stretch for so long till it breaks.


Same here! I used to make use of that all the time.

Also, they have made everyone who wants to gold the season do online stuff every week instead of the once per series. That riles me up!

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More bugs I think.


What I expect from the game:

  1. Expansion
  2. Licensing issues with FCA Italian brands sorted
  3. New themed series (Día de los Muertos or something)

Other than that, I really don’t know what to expect. Nobody saw the Eliminator coming for example.

If you want them to add something to the game, I’d focus on small tweaks. Given what we saw in FH4, I don’t really expect new content other than the cars and the maps.

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A major feature that’s in games for more than 30 years:
‘skip cutscene’
‘mute speech’


OMG, yes! Definitely.