What is wrong with these monthly rivals

Why do I have to pay extra money (CREDITS) to use a car that is already owned? If it has to homologate my car to fit in, then why not just do that instead?

“Rented” doesn’t mean that you have to pay credits for it. It just means that the tune is locked as stock, and can’t be changed. It’s not the car in your garage, it’s the default model for the game, with the default settings.

It doesn’t cost anything? Then, is the blue bar showing its cost when selected a bug? Also, does this mean monthly rivals can only be played with stock cars?

Rivals events have different restrictions, which you can see by pressing X on the selection screen. Some of them have restrictions that tune must be stock. And ownership must be “Rented”, which is just a way of enforcing that. The game gives you the car and tune that we are all running, even if you don’t already own it, and we’re all playing with the exact same setup. If it were just the stock tune requirements on an owned car, you might still have access to some things like tire pressure adjustments. But with Rented, you don’t have access to that either. So that way it’s the same for everybody.

I don’t have the game open right now, so I can’t check but I’m 98% certain it doesn’t cost you anything to rent. I’ve got enough credits that I could be eating the cost and not noticing, but I don’t think so.

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got it, thanks