What is with the Formula Ford's mirrors?

They seriously look like bunny ears flapping in the wind.

They need to tune down the vibration on everything (even the rear view mirror inside the car is vibrating like Duracell bunny). Same goes to drivatars (or what do you call them?) in the menus and post race. They are all like on coke or something.

They obviously can’t handle the G’s haha

Some cars aren’t too bad but others, wow they just look like a physics glitch.

The exhaust vibration looks awful too. Instead of a gentle shake it looks like looking at it with double vision.

You didn’t know formula ecoboost cars had silicone mirrors? Nahh, while this is funny it’s easily patchable, clearly a material physics switch up. Not as funny as the mouse cursor in the civic dashboard texture from fm3 though.

The Hoonicorn especially annoys me. The exhausts move, but the turbos are rock solid.