What is this? (XP and skills)

I don’t play a lot of King game mode because I think it sucks. However my question is when I gave it a go the other day, as I was drifting around I noticed my score went up by 5,000 as I was chaining randomly, I didn’t catch the name of the skill in between the “Awesome drift” and “Ultimate drift” and it wasn’t a pink labelled skill either.

But! I have found it, the name of the skill is called “Crown lover” which seems to award 5,000 points, rather like a drift tap awards you 1,000 points to your chain. Does anyone know the exact definition of this skill? as it’s handy for XP chains.

Also, am I correct in saying this is the criteria for the following “Speed skills”

Speed - 130mph
Great speed - 150mph
Awesome speed - 180mph
Ultimate speed - 200mph