What is this car list term?

What does retailer preorder bonus car mean? I preordered the ultimate edition. Will I get these cars?

They’re bonus cars offered by retailers (Gamestop, Amazon, etc). I don’t think they’re included with digital copies

I thought you got all of the preorder cars if you preorder the ultimate edition.

The hellcat is, darn

No need to worry, the hellcat is in the game; The retailer bonus cars are nothing but pre-tuned cars with a custom paint job (Team Forza), similar to the Day One edition cars on FH2 and the Limited Edition cars on FM5

Honestly I’m not too fussed about the Retailer bonus cars, in fact, I actually prefer the original in-game cars because they are available to everyone (which is obviously more than the retailer car pack) and the normal cars usually have more and better user created paints. There really not important cars anyway, nothing to get fussed about. Like SpeedDemon0388 said, they are just in game cars that anyone can pick up with a paint and maybe a tune on them, nothing really special. I’m not that interested in them, the only reason why I like them is because they are free and they increase my garage count :slight_smile:

They wouldn’t be retailer exclusives if you got them all with one package no matter where you bought it.

My apologies. The word exclusive has not been used everywhere and I thought they had changed things so they were simply bonus cars not exclusives.

I misread something else in the official article here. It says that if you preorder the digital umltimate you get A bonus car. I will be preordering on the console so I wonder which bonus car that is.

EDIT oops looks like I still can not read. is the Mazda the preorder car for digital preorders?

Is it not the Mazda?

2015 Mazda Team Forza MX-5

Yep my bad. I can finally read. It is the Mazda.

This comes from the Forza Garage article showing the Mazda as the Digital bonus.

And from the Pre-Order article:
“Everyone who pre-orders a digital bundle of Forza Motorsport 6 before September 15 will receive an exclusive bonus car in Forza 6, the 2015 Mazda Team Forza MX-5.”

While the FM.net announcements haven’t used “exclusive” for the retailer bonus DLC cars, it’s clear they’re using the same method as previous games.

Order from Amazon (U.S.) to get the special livery Subaru:

Order from Gamestop (U.S.) to get the special livery Hellcat:

and so on. While the other car/retailers haven’t been listed yet, for FH2 they included Best Buy and Microsoft Store in the US, and GAME and TESCO in the UK. I think it’s clear that if you order from Amazon then you’re not going to get the Team Forza Hellcat, but of course you will get the regular Hellcat (and the other Team Forza car models without those liveries) in the regular game roster.