What is there to gain in kicking idle players from ranked drift adventure?

I see no purpose in this, the sessions get emptier and emptier as the races go by, and i’ve experienced this myself, being that i like to do just 3 or 4 laps then rest until the race is over (since i won’t make more points out of nowhere), the idle time of 40 secs is too low… if you need to keep the idle timer, please make it larger like 2 or 3 mins.

Even better would be if we add to this that the races last 5 minutes instead of 7.

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The idle timer should last as long as the race.
If you don’t respond to the next round then boot you would be fair.

Some people use this spare time between races to use the bathroom, check email etc etc… especially if you tend to get into a session and stay there for hours on end.

How it is now the idle warning popped up only to find my batteries need to be changed, lol…booted before i could get new batteries into the controller…

Ranked rarely starts for me, it always comes back with not enough players to start a session, on the few occasions it has started i got booted for inactivity with the battery issue and once the session booted me on the podium just cause it wanted to annoy me.

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Seems to me you need new batteries mate!, hahaha, that doesn’t happen to me cuz i’m on pc, and i can hit the keyboard and that would be it, (just yesterday this very thing happened but the keyb saved me).

I don’t need new batteries, they are supposed to go flat :slight_smile:
I just need more time to go and get them.

Its my own fault, i should just run 5 or 6 extension cords into my living room so I can have the charger next to me for next time, and a bucket because the toilet is just as far away :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want the rewards, participate.


Do you understand the meaning of QoL change?, well this would be it, the current problem (for me and others that aren’t you) doesn’t stop us from playing, but if it were changed, life in the game would be easier.

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And if it were changed for your ‘QoL’, there’s nothing stopping griefers from getting ranked by just entering an adventure and walking away. Yeah, that sounds like fun.


That’s just stupid, there is no point in doing that, and you would still get your points even if that were to happen… there is no possible grief whatsoever in that scenario.

The 7 minute time is too much, if events lasted 5, then there wouldn’t be much of a problem with the idle timer, tho i think it could be tweaked too, to at least 1:30.

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That wouldn’t cause anyone any problem at all. Their rank would be 0 at the end of it.

There should be no kicking at all at any time during the entire ranked drift adventure, it causes only problems with no benefits.

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You’re right! they should remove kicking all together while trimming down the time to 5 minutes, best scenario.

Yes, it is stupid, but there’s lots of people that do stupid things.

My QoL is avoiding drift adventure all together.

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Since I won’t venture in to this drift adventure. Do you have to do 10 drift adventures to get ranked, and where you place has no bearing on completing these 10 adventures to get ‘ranked’


It does affect, you’ll be placed in a certain rank once you finish the qualification races, it can be any rank from 10 to 20 depending on your results, for example, in free for all adventure, usually ending up in the podium of the tournaments, i ended up 12 when the qualification ended.

Yes you have to do 10 and those 10 does affect where you land in the league ranks. I didnt like it at first but i’m starting to love it. Much more fun than team or FFA. You cant be wrecked, that alone makes it better, at least for me

So you want it to be like in fm7 in the tag or whatever other game it was where people just sat there and did nothing and then at the end got the same xp and credits as those that tried to actually participate
There is a reason why they have the inactivity timeout after 30 seconds or so
Who sits there wothout moving for that long
Leave the lobby if you need a toilet break or whatever


That’s different because there is an interaction in games like tag. In drift adventure there is no problem at all if people want to be inactive. I’m not sure what XP and credits you’d get if you were inactive for a whole drift adventure, but I think it would be so little as to not be any sort of viable exploit.

If people are happy with their score after 3 mins, they should be able to sit it out till the next round without getting kicked, and they shouldn’t get kicked when it moves on to the next round either, as it’s fine for them to miss the first few mins of the next round then set their score towards the end of it.

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I might test that
Just sit there and move the controller every 30 seconds and see what rewards i get at the end

For the most part you’ll get rewards based on your final position in the tournament, not that much about how much you drove, so it makes perfect sense to do runs until you get the score you want/need/can’t do more, and then rest it out until the next match, if you are a dude who makes enough points to be 1st or 2nd, then why keep doing laps? it’s nonsensical, once you see you won’t get passed by, then you can rest if you want or not, it should be your choice.
Same applies for any position really, if you just want to stop there, you should be able to, without needing to touch the joystick every 40 secs to not lose everything : /

Is there something so hard about moving your fingers and doing exactly that?


Not that specifically, the fact that when we have 2 or 3 minutes of spare time we shouldn’t have be “tied” to the controller, we should be able to just wait and do whatever the **** we want. There is something called real life you know?, just the other day as i was waiting for the race to finish, i had to attend the door and i had to keep coming back to touch the controller so the game doesn’t kick me and i lose everything i did in the tournament…

Now tell me, does that seem right to you?.