What is the purpose of the events in the season planner?

I need to buy a certain type of car to participate in the events listed in the season planner, however I bought a car and participated in one of the events and maybe I missed something (not gonna lie, this game confuses the hell out of me) but I can’t see what benefit it brings, what purpose these events have. They don’t seem to tick anything off or have a specific reward listed for them.
Can somebody tell me what purpose they have in the game?

These are all championships so you have to do the whole set of races that pop up to get the prize. Right now if you beat the championship of races you get a reward of 20,000 CR if you do it on Average difficulty, 30,000 CR for highly skilled, and 50,000 CR for expert.

The prizes for other seasonal events have ranged from clothes to some cars. If you are having trouble finding the events open up the world map and set the filter (RB button) for only seasonal events. There is no PR seasonal event at the moment though.

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Ah thanks, I didn’t realise it was a championship. They looked like normal single events.