What is the best way to play the game

I have been playing for about 15 hours. I have I think 8 cars including 3 barn finds. I am just going from race to race. I now have about 350K. I have I think purchased 3 cars so far. My initial festival is level 2 and the Outback festival is level 3. I have a lot of events opened up I can do. Should I be buying more cars. I don’t really feel I have many cars that are suited to the outback. I have an Impreza rally car which is nice but its only a 31K car. But it seems to work well.

I personally didn’t buy any cars I didn’t need to till I completed the campaign, after completing the campaign it more or less becomes a constant money and xp grind. But just buy what ever car you want to and experiment with tunes, paints, etc. There is no real “best” way, every person you ask will tell you a different “best” way. Just play what ever way seems the most fun. I’m well over lvl 1000 and i just kinda winged it from day one, lol.

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The beauty of Horizon is that you can play it how you want to. Money is pretty easy to make in FH3 so I wouldn’t worry about finding the best way to grind. I’d definitely look at how/what the perks do and get the ones that suit your gameplay style. Try and go for any the have skill multipliers.

edit: oh, get all the signs, they’ll boost your xp and eventually allow you to fast travel anywhere instantly for free

As mentioned above… the signs! When I started, I built a car and drove that car everywhere smashing signs. I got really used to the car on all sorts of roads and then started racing.

Now, you don’t need all of them.

But a good car(s) to get are HE.

Especially in races, the money ones will help out a lot.


After you have completely upgraded all the festivals, then you need to think about whether you want to play online in multiplayer mode (if you don’t have the gold membership). For me, multiplayer mode, especially online freeroam is the best part of this game. Since this is from the Horizon series, the whole game is designed around having the freedom to do whatever you want and go wherever you want, with friends from all over the world. Just drive around the map and discover all the interesting features and landscape of Australia. It won’t disappoint!

The cost of the car means nothing in FH3. If you want you can complete all the main race events with a D-Class BMW Isetta.

The beauty of Horizon is you can do whatever you want to progress, car class just doesn’t matter all that much. As stated above, get ALL the signs as soon as you can. Next up would be getting all the roads driven. Then it up to you, do Championships and Exhibitions, Street races then Exhibitions. And don’t forget the weekly Forzathons.

join the Forza hub, it will get you extra credits every week. It helps buying more cars. For me the fun is the online adventure in private, freeroaming with selected friends and getting as much cars as I can…
if your x-box, join DJS, he has all the cars available to try in blue prints stunts.
make more friends and go roaming the outback.
try new cars, new tunes…
i’ve played since octobre 16…

Pick a car that you want to drive, buy it, upgrade it to a level you are happy with and race it. The events adapt to what you bring, in terms of what the other cars will be, so there isn’t really a “wrong” car to buy. After you’ve played through some events, explored, smashed some signs, done some bucket lists you will have gone up a few levels, unlocked some wheelspins - maybe got lucky with a free car.

Just keep exploring, finding new places, new races and the game world will keep expanding. If you like a particular area then consider upgrading the festival there as that will unlock more events.

If you want to build up your credits, upgrade Byron Bay Festival to level 5. Once you hit level 5 it opens up the “Goliath” circuit. You can make ~$100K per exhibition (1 lap) on unbeatable; plus ~50-60K in XP points.

Chances are the extra Wheel Spins will net you a free car or two. Build up your skill points and use them to give you XP bonus perks.

Depending on the car class, Goliath can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per lap. But your credits and driving skills will benefit.