What is it about, Indianapolis and registering a clean lap? Freeplay

Racing Indy cars at Indianapolis, main track (the first one in free play). Cannot figure out why it is so difficult to get a clean lap in. Draft(?) is not an issue, there are usually no other cars around. I’m consistently keeping at least two wheels on the track. But, time and time again, very hard to get clean lap.

(Not sure if this next example is related)

I even had a clean lap going, for about 2 seconds, but the machine decided otherwise. In the straight away 2 seconds after crossing the starting line (many laps into a race) the machine decided my lap was dirty and changed the indicator.

(I appreciate the ‘real life’ frustration built into the game, kinda like driving in real life. But, [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D], I paid money to have fun.)

If you’re trying to set clean laps in Freeplay, change collision settings to always off. It will stop the drafting effect.

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Try turning off FRICTION ASSIST or any of the other super easy assists
It automatically dirties the lap

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Does it only happen at Indianapolis main track (the first one in free play) and are you using Friction assist or Super Easy settings?

You could try 2 laps with no drivatars, friction assist off and no super easy settings, keeping the car in the middle of the track and not bothering about what time you are setting.

If the last sector of a lap is dirty, it will also dirty the following lap.

In any event to me dirty laps in Free Play are only important for statistics and setting lap records. I’ve not seen many real life races where clean or dirty laps have much significance.