what is going on

2 days ago when I updated windows with the new update , FM7 would not load , i reinstalled it yesterday which took 5 fn hours and it worked , come home today it says i need to reinstall again

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do I need to unistall the MS windows update from 2 days for this to work ?

let me guess since I play this on pc there is no real answer why this is happening, Do I own a 100.00 and out of luck

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Have you tried to do the trouble shooting from the million other posts like this in the tech section?

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Does the app show up at all in the Apps via settings? If the store file is corrupt then W10 cant see your game and assumes it is not there. I’d run the Troubleshooter found in Updates and Security > Scroll down the bottom(last option) and choose Windows Store Apps and run it. It might advise you of the issue and just follow prompts to fix it.

Just download/update some other random/tiny app from windows store and it’ll miraculously fix it.


Thank you Sausage Matt