What is going on with theses updates?

Last update wiped my game save. Apparently this one restored my system to factory defaults. Now my system says there is a problem with the update. Is anyone else experiencing these issues.

Not those specific problems, but every time T10 updates this game, there seems to be a new/different track that makes the game CTD. Cannot race whichever track it is until I uninstall/reinstall multiple times.

With Road America update; Road America, Road Atlanta, and Test Track started CTD’ing when all the cars would line up to start the races. Single and Multiplayer, it didn’t matter. Uninstalled/Reinstalled 2-3 times, and Road America & Atlanta started running like normal, but Test Track was still off limits.

LBC track comes out, and all of the sudden the Old Musanne course on Le Mans will CTD along with Test Track. Did bunches of stuff to try to fix it, even Uninstalled/Reinstalled 4 times. Le Mans (all circuits) run like normal now, but Test Track is still CTD’ing.

This is absurd, Turn 10. Absolutely ignorant to have this many problems when there is as much time taken between updates as there currently is. Unacceptable.

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Absolutely no problems like that here. Did you let the download finish completely before trying to play?