What happened to the gas station?

There use to be a gas station now theres nothing. Can yall bring it back :crossed_fingers:.

I don’t remember a gas station. Where was the gas station?

All the problems this game has and your wondering were a Gas Station went?

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There used to be one in FH3 ‘Coober Pedy’, but it served no purpose.

Think of the festival or your house as garages, that’s what I’ve always done.

Must say, I’d like to have a proper garage to “walk” through, to see all my cars that I’ve collected. They could separate things out by manufacturer, so you don’t have to try and load 550+ cars at once.

I’d like enough memory for couple tunes per car, a couple liveries too.

Been issue for many games now. Bang on that door before wishes. Strangely minimal info pre release.
Total cars at end =N.
Total tune memories 2N.
Total livery memory 2N.
Total mem req 4N. Real mind busting math, but 6y no full fix