What ever you did, put it back!

I like to think i’m a patient person, good friend, and loyal consumer. Which is why this PISSES ME OFF. I have a pretty substancial investment in XBox and ForzaMotorsports; that is because I like to have the best experience possible. So, Gorizon4 started off pretty decent, I was impressed, and then You went in and generated a wormhole(child friendly) that is disrupting my experience, raising my blood pressure, and making me an allaround angry consumer. So, what ever you did, Please PUT IT BACK. Also, what do you think i am going to do with all that female clothing? The Wheel Spins are very Disappointing, and then You just take them away, and a Super Wheel Spin at that? Now I wrote a very nice and accurate at the time, review, and I would like to ammend it, except they wont let us in to it now. That is Dirty Pool. You have had 2 YEARS, 730 days, exactly how long do you need to make a fully opperational game? I’d rather wait. Thank You : D

I’m not 100% clear on what you are saying is changed or taken away.


I still have wheelspins as well as superwheelspins

What has been taken away… and is it since release
Your post is not very clear

I also have no idea what you’re saying is so bad… Seems pretty fantastic to me… Has a few issues. But everything does. And some of them are going to be preference based.

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Watch out. We got a big spender here! lol

I like Horizon 4 and have played Horizon and Forza since the beginning.

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Might want to get yourself checked out, if the colourful nature of a video game does that to you.

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Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com