What ever happened to the themed based DLCs?

What ever happened to the themed based DLCs? All DLCs are a potpourri of cars with no real logic or theme. Well, the logic of Turn10 is to sell more DLCs having only one desirable car amongst a bunch of duds. I miss the good old days.


What ? It’s always been like that afaik…

The only one I could tell was the exotic supercar DLC back in FM3. Other than that it has always been a handful of cars.

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Yeah, other than the Porsche DLCs for FM4 and FH2, and then Storm Island for Horizon 2, the cars added in DLCs have basically always been kind of random.

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No guy, check this out guy: http://forzamotorsport.wikia.com/wiki/Downloadable_Content

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I miss it being interesting cars in general. I don’t want more audi sedans or bmw 2 doors.

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The “themes” of the FM3 DLCs were not very strong, and really only applied to a few cars out of the packs.

I think T10 has explained that they approach the pack’s sponsor with a list of cars they have modeled, and ask which ones they want in the pack with their name on it. I have a feeling T10 suggests that they make the pack “well-rounded”, because… well, think about it.

Let’s say I’m a hardcore drift fan. All I do is drift in Japanese cars. Am I going to be interested in a car pack that’s nothing but German sports saloons? No. But if that pack has, say, something like a Cressida in it, I’m interested. And what about the folks who want to see the latest Ferrari? Throw a 488 in there. Or the racers looking to update the LMP1 roster? Toyota TS040. Essentially, everybody’s got at least a little interest in a varied pack, while a themed pack could be hit-or-miss, and might anger people who feel neglected.


Well, allow us the option to buy individual cars from the pack. But they don’t, because they want you to spend more. And I get it, they are a business, they are in the business of making money. But some of those cars should have been included on day one.

umm you do know you can buy the cars separately right lol

Because the themed packs in FM3 were hated on for not being well rounded in car selection.

They allow you to buy only one, the one they want you to buy.

You can buy any car individually in 5 and H2, as for 6, that is yet to be seen.

Fast and Furious pack is not a theme?