What ever happened to that WORM guy?

Title says it all. Just curious he always posted tunes and guides in this place.

Don’t summon the Worm.


Found out none of the tunes or guides worked so he left.

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I take it that you never raced with him. lol

I know a lot of racers that raced with him and got beat. then he would tune their cars for them.

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If you can ever find him with your knowledge, he can give you the details.

LOL… Leave it to a ECT guy to make sense of it all

No offense sir

He met up with a Crow. It wasnt pretty

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nuff said

I take it he got what was coming to him then? I mean he did seem a little over the top like Dragnet but in a mean way…LOL @your hammer van DRAG

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He made a couple wonderful tunes in horizon 2 and was never seen or heard from again…

Scully? Mulder?

I found his base tunes to kick the pants off of the new ones so I totally miss having him here. I also think some of his personal tuned cars were pure amazing. Didn’t know the guy but I miss the direction he provided to the community.

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They were trainrailsgood, and I too would like to have his tunes back.

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I made tunes in FH2 that felt like his and were equally quick if not quicker - I can make some tunes for you if you’d like. Click the link in my signature to see what I have in FM6 so far.

It would be nice to have a mod that tuned again. The paint section is blowing this one away. I keep checking to see if the catalog is set back up.

He built a PC.

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The dust would settle behind my car before you got to it…simma.

Gave me a scar.

Keep it up, what’s coming to you will come…nothing came to me.


Mick hit the nail on the head. I built a PC.

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Noooo, we need your tunes not the pc :frowning:

I’ve been contemplating upgrading my PC also in case I want to switch to PC racing.

Nah Tom, just try iRacing is all. PCARS stinks.

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