What does this game set out to accomplish?

Does anybody know what this game is meant to be? Are the developers aiming for a realistic driving experience? I’m so confused. I often find myself turning this game off as soon as the menu’s appears because I get reminded of how awful everything is about this game. The menus doesn’t even work without lagging and failing to load a bunch of 3d renders of cars. When I play this game along side other titles like Project Cars 2, I think, it’s a wonder Forza 7 even sold a thousand copies. Nothing is realistic at all. The mechanics feel incredibly soggy and mushy like. The force feedback is very dull and gummy. It’s not my wheel either, because it feels great in Project Cars 2. The AI cars in this game constantly smash into me and remind me that I’m playing a very non realistic motorsports game. Everything from rear ended, to slamming on the brakes in front of me on a straight for no apparent reason at all… The only thing this game seems to do well is provide a long list of cars, with custom upgrades. Though that doesn’t really matter when all of the cars force feedback feels like I’m pushing into a sponge.

This isn’t meant to be a rant. I’m seriously asking the question “What is this game even supposed to be”. Because if there isn’t a straightforward answer, and somebody tells me it’s a “simcade”, prepare to be out competed by games that actually do something well, instead of doing a bunch of things very poorly. This is where every game franchise falls apart. Game developers originally have courage, and make games based on things they know to be true. After a few games in the series, they become saturated with input and start pandering to fans of the series, most of which don’t even know what’s required to make a good game, all while trying trying to please everybody. You can tell these games are being pulled in a million different directions by a million different people. They’re so bland from the launch. The Project Cars series is going to dominate this market if Turn 10 doesn’t pave a clear path for this game. It’s too lukewarm and mundane to actually compete. Project Cars 1 wasn’t that good. So it wasn’t really a threat. I can tell you the second title in that series has me wondering why I even bought this game. And if I feel that way, I’d bet it’s pretty safe there are others who feel the same way I do.

Btw, the only real reason I have a problem with this is because nobody at Turn 10 wants to be candid about what this game is supposed to be. I get different answers from different people. If you want to call this a bumper car simulator , i’d give it a 10 out of 10. If you want to call it a motorsports simulator, I’d call you a liar. Even the people on this forum can’t agree on what this game is supposed to be. Half of the people call it a “simcade”, and the other half call it a sim. The fans of this series are probably going to be upset with the way I framed this post, but I couldn’t care less. You’re being sold a bridge. Horizon was supposed to be the arcade game. The way they market this game, you would assume the Motorsports series was the sim. They just fall short, and as a consequence, you people call it a simcade. The word itself is an oxymoron. like tallshort or skinnyfat.

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Forza Horizon = Test Drive Unlimited
Forza Motorsport = Destruction Derby

But it’s way more fun than any other title out there

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“Turn car lovers into gamers and gamers into car lovers” - Dan Greenawalt, Turn 10’s Creative Director

He doesn’t use that line anymore because he’s worn it out, but that’s still the goal for the Forza Motorsport series.

Forza is the best “sim” game on the controller for many years. The game has always been a sandbox of sorts. It’s the players who made it great and created unwritten rules. Word of mouth helped a lot to bring gran turismo players over. This has died a bit but private leagues still do well.

For the last few games the emphasis has been on cars and graphics and the game was even marketed as a place for car lovers to congregate. This is why no one can define the game because the game aims to attract a large group of players, not just sim racing enthusiasts. I think this is why you are confused. You’re approaching the topic from a sim racer point of view only.

AI have never been great but they are the fastest they’ve ever been. The single player generally has always been slapped together but FM7 is way better than FM5 and FM6 career; albeit, that wasn’t a hard feat.

The best way to enjoy Forza is online with like minded folks. It takes a bit to find those players, but there are thousands out there.

LAst time I checked, it was the same as every other game ever released on a console. It’s meant to be a little three letter work. Erm. Hold on. Can’t quite think what it is.

Oh yeah. FUN!

Seriously, lose sight of that and you’ll be sent to an early grave by a damn video game.

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Yep you have it correct is all about FUN and More FUN but what one person finds FUN another will not. I would say you don’t find the game fun so play one you do find to be FUN.

There are Many Many games on the market I my self have over 300 just on Xbox and I also use the PC for gaming as well Do I find every game I have FUN no I don’t and I don’t bother with them, but you don’t know till you try weather a game will be fun for you or not.

Its meant to be a fun game, and it succeeds for people who enjoy fun, no so much for those who don’t

IDK, kinda seemed like a rant to me.


Everyone’s idea of fun isnt always the same. Although ffb is better than past games, it can turn “fun” into frustration pretty quickly. So if the op cant enjoy the driving aspect of a driving game i doubt its going to be much fun and theres not much thats going to change that.

Forza is not a sim, not in physics nor in race day options. If you want to play a sim or more sim like games then youre gonna have to stick to pcars, assetto corsa, dirt rally and even the codemaster f1 games because forza motorsport just isnt going to cut it.

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