What do you Turn 10?

You do a Free Player mode Car packs sold with cars like the Mercedes race truck or the Mazda Formula Mazda, without which one can make these vehicles in a race against vehicles of the same type. Where can I please in your Forza 6 with my race truck driving against other racing trucks in the FREE PLAYER? Where ? ? ?

Wow… I had a minor complaint about this month’s car pack (more of an observation actually) and asked them to give attention to some pending bugs… and bam! Thread gets locked…

Good luck!

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I have the same Problem. I have said that Turn 10 / Microsoft have lie about the “never drive alone promise” and bam i was blocked… 20 Drivatars and 4 Human so is not posible do drive with 23 Drivatars online. I have said inside the Drivatar Menu option “show the Drivatar design on/off” it doesent work... i have wrote all about the "David vs Goliath" Problem and Month later they have insert into the Free Player Mode the Groups we have now. I have said its not nice to drive with Formula Cars against Street Cars but they dont make more Groups. So i dont buy a Scorpio Console and i dont buy another Forza… Enough is enough and the best is , i can buy Microsoft and Turn 10 Products, but this Products are not “must have” Products. I can say no. And i say no to a new Console like the Scorpio and a new Part of Forza when they do not change the wrong things. Free Player Mode with single Player Race without a Championship with out the chance to Race with Cars in the Drivatar designs only in black and white and other colors. When it is not posible to drive in a new Part of Forza in Free Player Mode in a Championship against Cars used by the Player or in good Groups like Nascar or Indy Car than i do not buy another Game or Console from Microsoft and Turn 10. I have show this with the XBox One and Forza 5. I have buy my XBox one July 2015 for Forza 6 a mistake i never want to do. Lie one time to me and i never trust this one … So i never trust Turn 10 / Microsoft promises.

My Gamerscore 76.131 in my Profil is not coming from nothing it comes from playing. What i play ? Games i like … When Turn 10 do not create Championships and give as a Game where we can play in the style we like ( not Formula Cars together with Street Cars - Ford Eco Boost or Formula Mazda Formula together with Street Audi…) all the things they have done like the Water efffects the Day and Night Race and all the other things can not change my Mind. First i want a good Game i like an than i can buy a new console and a new part of Forza and when Sony Playstation and Grand Tourismo is than the better choice i will make what is for me the best not for Companys like Microsoft and Turn 10. I have VW and this Concern has lie to all the customers now they get the receipt… I dont want to buy another Car from the VW Group and when they sale a Lamborgini for 25000.- Euro ? I want to say ; No thank you !!! I dont want to be buyable. I would like to be reliable and trustworthy because that’s what you can love. The bad thinks like lies or false promises can not be loved , no one can do this !

A good Note ; Lies have short legs and they be fast and easy to catch. I do not forget your lies to us “never drive alone 23 Drivatars” … Do this never again than our Money save your Jobs