What do you think is the RAREST car in the entire Horizon franchise?

My personal pick would be the 2012 MINI Cooper John Works Coupe. It was only ever featured in Forza Horizon 1 as a unicorn car. Back in the day, there were no Forzathon events to attain rare cars, they had to be gifted specifically to you by the developers. The other unicorn cars were concept supercars like the Saleen Raptor, and JDM legends like the Honda CRX SiR, so I couldn’t imagine that a little hatchback would be picked to be given away often over them.

What do you think is the rarest car in the franchise? (not including glitch vehicles like Null Car)

The Tucker 48. So rare, it hasn’t appeared in a Forza game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had a CRX for awhile so seeing it in game, participating in races but locked out from me buying is so irritating. It’s a perfect example of why I’m so glad they got rid of the old unicorn system , shoving a car into the game and onto my hard drive but locking me out of any way to access it is nonsense.

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Rarest car is Owen’s McLaren. Outside of exploits/glitches there will only ever be one legitimate Owen’s McLaren.

I don’t mind so much when exclusive vehicles are just copies of readily available cars like how this Owen’s McLaren and the PO/FE cars are, but when it’s a unique vehicle it’s incredibly annoying to have it arbitrarily locked away.

Especially when we’re talking absolutely insane numbers of “exclusive” cars like we have in FH3 and FH4, the latter of which has something like 20% or more of the cars in the game now not available in the autoshow, leaving players at the mercy of the devs or dumb luck on the AH to get them.

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The car I own…2010 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 coupe…I believe its only in one Forza.