What do you look for in a club?

Hey everyone,

I am an admin of Paradise Car Club, a Forza Horizon 3 club. Im wondering what you guys and girls look for when deciding which club to choose?

Me not a lot is just a way for extra creds.


I’d probably say the number of club members. I’m very competitive and it’s good to compete with Rivals, high scores etc. It’s also good to know I’m not the worst OCD player. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of challenging other AI drivers to races and no matter how many wins I get, there’s always someone with more, I just hit a nice round number (700 wins) and someone has 709…and so it continues :wink:

Balance, heft, and durability… spikes are optional.


Really and here I was thinking any club with spikes less than 6 inches was no good

People who play the game regularly.

I chose my club after driving with a couple of other members. I look for good clean competitive racing. We all know there is going to be rubbing but trying to keep it clean is a must. Also even though we are a small club (24 members) there is almost always someone online to race with, joke with and have a good time racing and chatting.

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Interesting answers guys. The club which I am part of, Paradise Car Club, is growing all the time. We host events almost every night at 9pm uk time. We are active accross many networks, youtube, facebook, twitter and on our very own forums at www.paradisecarclub.co.uk There is always someone online so you never have to play alone. We believe everyone is free to play how they want but we do ask for clean racing and sensible driving when racing and cruising. We have many members who offer serious competition on the xp leaderboards and as a result over the last month we have risen by over 500 places on the club leaderboard. In short there is something for everyone. All we ask is that you respect your fellow members, remember this is all about having fun so don’t bring any drama into the club. We have a great family atmosphere where we all have fun and a good laugh.

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