What did you get from your 5 super wheel spins?

I legit got cash and 1 rare car

15 horns! As soon as I wrote that a bunch of cars started honking outside my window… well timed!

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Horns, emotes and clothes and around 1 mill in credits.

i bought all the clothes so they don’t show up in wheel spins anymore. definitely worth it

About 800K credits, one horn, a few common and rare cars, and a Bugatti Type 35 C

250k cash, clothing, shoes, 1 horn, 3 ordinary cars and a “level up” prize which appears to do nothing. No level up free wheel spin or announcement.

EDIT: “Level up” is a car horn, so everything accounted for.

I got 2 horizon cars but gifted them as they were dupes, then I got a old silver Jag lightweight E-type I think, also got about 800k and a few low value dupe cars I sold

Just disappointment.

Still on the positive side, did some laps with my wheel in rivals - so far been using the controller for the most part and actually really enjoyed it, so might be doing some more of that over the coming days.

About 650k credits and about 1mil worth of cars (6) including one FE (53 corvette) some of which are dupes which I’ll gift away, 1 horn 2x shoes.
Pretty satisfying.

A Valhalla, which I gifted to someone. Hope the person is happy and posted it on Reddit or something.

A horn… some credits… duplicate BMWs that I turned into credits - had they been Willys, I would have gifted them.

I got 5 cars plus the forza edition truck, 700,000 or so credits and a few clothing items.

I only used one and got a car to gift and some Cr.
Usually do a series of 10 or so, but first I need to convert some more skill points into them.

I got some stuff that I immediately forgot about, so nothing remarkable (same as all Wheelspins).

I picked up a Speedtail (one of a limited number of cars I didn’t yet own) and about 1,000,000 in credits after car sales. Quite happy with that.

Ford Raptor '17 (gifted toward new players)
Holden Monaro
“Cheering” sound car horn
Jaguar F-Pace S
Koenigsegg CC8S
Corvette '02 (gifted to anyone)
and a bit over 770.000 credits all together.

A Sesto, one of those cigar shaped race cars (can’t remember which one), a 250 California, one of those big 6 wheeled idiot wagons, and about 200K cash. No clothing, thankfully, because I already did the intelligent thing and bought everything that could be bought, and I think I own almost every item of clothing outside of the ones you need to do specific events/accolades to unlock. The rest were just cheap disposable cars that I just sold off. Not bad, for freebies.

Credits, Horns, Clothes - nothing very good

2 cars that sold for 250k and the rest was low value stuff. Oddly disappointing.