What did I miss? (semi venting/serious questions)

Hi folks,
first entry so far for me.
After a little hiatus (from S8Autumn to S11Autumn) I finally found time to play again.
First of all: Lego Content - what the heck?
Okay, it was kinda fun and had it moments, but it didn’t even took 2 days to complete the brick challenges and almost everything else (apart from a few achievements).
Were those handful of races and the “challenges” all it had to offer? I guess, there’ll be a little update in the future (based on the barnfind) however I doubt it’ll come with major content.
Treasure Island was far more challenging and had more content (at least imo).
Did I miss something? Are there hidden “quests” or anything else to do (apart from seasonals)?
Also - it’s still not possible to queue for online adventure while being on Treasure Island /Legoland - or is it me?
I mean - the big lego-playground would be a perfect area for online adventures, same for the speedway, but no! You can’t even queue for online stuff, far from something happening there. That’s like a death sentence for this content - at least to me, why should I spend time there? Please, enlighten me.

Second - online adventures.
Okay, I came to terms with BoneShaker obliterating close to everything in A and S1 (because the driver at least needs to has some skill to stay on the road) but I thought they’d at least make BS accessable for everyone. Not for free or just money, maybe some challenging races with fixed difficulty or specific hidden achievements w/ a storyline - but keeping him exclusive to players who where the particular seasons active his like giving none but one student a calculator for their graduation tests. (Best analogy I found so far.)
But what really makes my blood boil is ranked teamgames.
Apart from the usual venting on damn Minis and Isettas chilling in safezones during king/zombie (w/o getting any backlash - fun in unranked, killjoy on ranked) or getting minus points to oblivion because you lost 0:3 in a 3vs6 (surprise - what did you expect?) it seems they enlarged the hitboxes (losing crown or getting infected without even a touch? Nice.) and went even more wild with throwing together all kinds of rankings. Not really if out of 12 players two are higher than rank 8, five are rank 9-12, the rest is under 15 or unranked - and usually the higher ranks will be grouped together (had that kinda luck only in team races so far) so outcome is also often predestined.
Any chance to get a more balanced matchmaking and maaaaaybe not encouraging small cars to abuse their size? Esp. if only one team got one - or more. ( I don’t want to pick a micro car all the time just to be able to counter.)

And last - ofc. I noticed most of the changes (criteria for badges, ranked drifting, few cars removed etc etc) - is there anything major that changed?

My venting can be ignored (judging from most posts, ranked issues are widely known and similar felt) but if you can tell me something new or why I actually should revisit LegoLand, please go ahead.

Regards, Fauli.

Boneshaker was recently made available, obviously during your hiatus

I feel you bro.

FH4 has a lot of wasted potential. For example instead of including Classed based Rivals, like what all the other Forza games have, upon launch it took about half a year just to get it.

The amount of tracks in this game is rather lack luster too. How come in Treasure Island and LEGO Island they have Trail Blazer and reversed tracks but the mainland game has nothing new to offer.

Rank mode could do without Freeroam rush, and since Road and Street races no longer have Freeroam Rush in them they should add 2 more races to make it 5 instead of 3. Really wish there was more content in the game instead of 600+ cars which majority of them are forgettable. FH4 needs more tracks and more unique events to keep things interesting.

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I was easily able to complete Fortune Island aside from the Story. I’ve not quite been able to do that with LEGO. Aside from its Trail Blazer stunts giving me more trouble than any on Fortune Island (even the Peel achievement), it’s got quite a few brick challenges with requirements that I just couldn’t be bothered to even try.