What counts as an assist?

I just won a race in a league (which seems to count towards multiplayer achievements) and I unlocked the entering the ranks achievement. I however did not unlock the real deal achievement.

My settings are:

Suggested Line: Off
Braking: ABS Off
Steering: Normal
Traction and Stability Control: Off
Sifting: Manual w/ Clutch

The leagues has collisions set to off and damage set to cosmetic.

So my thinking is either this has to be done in multiplayer not league, normal steering is considered an assist, or collisions must be on. I play with normal steering because I use a controller and sim is just a little touchy.

Any help?

I unlocked the real deal in my second career race… You need sim steering and damage on aswell as everything else off.

I also use a controller by the way… Gotta work that stick hella hard though lol

Okay, I set the dead zones on the steering to 0 and 100 and it helped a little. In forza 4 I could kill it with sim steering but in forza 5 it became super touchy. This game is a little better.

Hardcore stats don’t include sim steering. So don’t know.

Not sure why it would pop on a career event either when it say multiplayer.

You do not need sim steering to get this achievement.

I think the reason it didn’t pop was probably the no collision. The easiest thing would be try turning all assists off again & try a online drag race & see if it pops