What console has all this apparent bugs I keep reading about?

Here’s two of them occurring within a few seconds of each other. One is a rev lag thing where the revs of the engine will audibly freeze at a specific RPM, the other is a full screen hang for a fraction of a second from time to time.


I have the same problem, and I also have controller lag from time to time.

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same has the video here:(

I had no issues until yesterday, then all my garage dissapeared (I was same level though and had same amount of money) now I can’t get past the main menu… it is stuck on syncing with cloud.

I have a few, to start it off.

  1. Matt paint jobs when in the hood view, revert to gloss finish. (Reflect the world)
  2. Drivatars bypassing checkpoints. (they should be reset like me)
  3. Weird physics when the car crashes/rolls. Video
  4. Photomode Advanced settings movement. Video
  5. Photomode height limit of 2m. (Probably not a bug but 2m :-/)
  6. Floating trees, here is one example & its map location. Video
  7. Shadows update at different rates. Example, Lamp posts update quicker than buildings.

I haven’t had any crashes, but I’m on the latest MS preview dashboard that fixes all crashes.

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I’ve encountered zero bugs in my digital copy of FH2 on Xbox One.

XO version. Haven’t experienced any bugs.

That said, I always fully shut down the console when I’m done - every boot is a cold one. I do it because I have a wheel, but it could very well be part of the reason I don’t experience many of the bugs other people report (FM5 has worked fine for me as well, and I’ve put many, many hours into it).

Thanks guys for the replys much appreciated, I’ve decided to hold of from buying at least for the time being, been reading through the forum and other sites and there appears to be far to many issues on both consoles, shame as it’s looks a very good game, but I held out for fixes that never came with forza 5.

Not sure what’s happening with the Forza franchise it appears to have gone down hill over the last couple of years, I’m not talking about stuff that people deem are missing but more on the bug side of things, I except most games have there problems nowadays but forza seems to be riddled with them many coming up time again and never any real response from the developers.

I really hope they get this game on track and those of you with no issues enjoy.

The above is not a flame and merely only my opinion.

Can we close the thread now?

Yes hieronymus, and thanks for letting it run.

I have the Xbox One version, as does one of my brothers who I have played with quite a bit.

When the game first released, there were server issues and issues unlocking the pre-ordered download.

Those were fixed within 48 hrs of release and the game has worked perfectly for us since then. Never had an issue.

It’s a gorgeous game and quite fun. I recommend it.