What console has all this apparent bugs I keep reading about?

Guys I’m back from work and was just about to pay and down load H2 on the XO but thought I’d pop on here first for a read, and to be honest I’ve been shocked by all these reported bugs, game freezes, race’s not showing up controller lock up ah the list seems endless.

Thing is no not many players are saying what console there on, and I’ve been working away so not really had time to research, I played the demo on the XO and had zero problems but I know that means nothing when it comes to the full game and I’m a bit worried now whether to buy or wait as I remember the problems I had with Forza 5 crashing to dashboard and the sound issues neither has far as I know have ever being fixed so I a bit doubtful.

Could any of you guys playing the one version confirm any of these bugs being repeatedly reported or ate they 360 bugs?

I don’t nor am I asking for a fan boy bashing or flaming of the game just really want to know what I’m getting myself into I ended up returning F5 because of the persistent lock ups and no response from the developers and I don’t relish going through it all again.

Cheers guy’s.

Its a mix, I made a thread for XB1 bugs & one of the mods merged it with a 360 issue thread :-/

Really there should be bug stickies for each platform so we post them, so they get fixed.


Doesn’t even matter, none of them will be fixed. Turn 10 released a broken game (FM5) and did nothing about it. They already got their $$$$.


I didn’t have any issues with Forza 5 (or any other games I own for xbox one), but this game the last few days has been a nightmare

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I’ve just read the xbox one freezing thread man thats a scary thread for a potentially buyer :frowning: and I’ve now been reading about races not popping up leaving players with no progression but can’t work out what console?

I think I’ll put off the buy tonight and wait.

If it helpz I got the Xbone version and haven’t had 1 freeze or anything wrong with the game.

Most of it (As I’ve been informed by friends) was fixed with a couple updates through launch week/over the weekend as far as crashes and etc. I’ve been playing FH2 since the 30th (bought the Day One Ultimate Edition) and the only crash I remember actually happened during the Demo. The game itself has been running pretty smooth, only thing I’m noticing that I’d call buggy is that some of the Engine sounds are out of place after upgrading and tuning.

I did have a controller lockup yesterday, but I can’t really blame that on FH2 as it’s happened on Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K14 as well (Plugged a dying controller into the console via the wire). I’d call that a problem with the console itself.

But otherwise, haven’t had a single problem with FH2 Solo or Multiplayer.

None of the bugs mentioned in threads have been fixed let alone acknowledged by Turn 10 or Playground games. Just a few car packs were unlocked as well as some credits doled out.

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I was thinking the same a few days ago. I would like some info about what bugs/glitches are being looked into. Really interested in the full game but i’m holding off because of many bugs, freezing and other issues.

Can Turn 10 and/or Playground Games please shed some light on the issues they are working on?


Thanks guys, thing is people always post up problems but never seem to say ah thanks guys it’s fixed, I didn’t know about any weekend patches, not the easiest forum to work through what with all the merged threads, I’ll sit here and do a bit more research :wink:

Don’t waste your money, game is broken

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Could you be a little more informative, game is broken to some simply means there vw golf is the wrong shade of blue.

No patches have been released. No bugs have been fixed let alone acknowledged by either developer or even the hint of anything being looked into. I have made several attempts to contact developer and mods and have only succeeded in receiving one auto response sent by email basically saying, you sent an email to us.

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Well for what it’s worth I bought the ultimate bundle, zero freezes, no bugs on my end. I haven’t played online yet but I’ve had a bug free game thank god. Xbox one btw

ive had no bugs or issues.

xbox one.

I personally haven’t had any issues with the game to be honest, the only thing that happened to me was these things:

  • The game froze on me once and never froze ever again
  • The game still hasn’t gifted me my Loyalty/Forza Rewards Cars & Money yet which is not really a big deal to be honest lol

I have had no issues with the XB-ONE ultimate edition as far as bugs or freezes. On launch day we didn’t have all the cars or VIP perks or Forza rewards program bonuses. Things came through slowly through the rest of the week until as of Friday afternoon I had all items (VIP, Day One, Car Pack, Demo car bonus, Forza Rewards bonus cars and cash). I’ve been playing successfully and having a good time for 6 days straight with it. Now for full disclosure, I have done no multiplayer up to this point, all the solo game aspects only. I may get around to multiplayer at some point but that has never been a big draw for me, so I only dabble in that.

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Once I started up the game, I ended up on a black screen after the Microsoft Logo forcing me to hard-reboot the console. I was also rewinding once and it froze, no hard-reboot though. Overall this game is turning out to be worth the bugs. I have never had any issues with other games like NFS Rivals or FM5. XBONE

I’m on xbox one disc copy and as of yet have had no issues based in the uk

What exactly are these bugs?

I have played 2 sessions, not found anything wrong?

Don’t really see any informative answers here either.