What classes should I tune for online drags?

Hey guys,

I’m trying to get into drag tuning/racing. I’ve gotten pretty good at “normal” tuning for circuit races, but not sure how to tune for drag.

How are the typical drag lobbies sanctioned? Do you guys pick a certain class or a max HP limit? If so, what classes and what HP ranges do you guys tune for?

I’m trying not to spin my wheels tuning a car that won’t be racing in any online lobbies.


Currently there are no online drag lobbies unless you make one yourself maybe T10 will add one soon

By “making yourself one”, it will have to be a private circuit and you find a straight somewhere and Mark it off. There is currently NO online drag option!!

I have a couple S Class cars shared, a Bel Air and a '69 Nova I believe. I will keep building and sharing, but I’m very disappointed in no drag lobbies online, even in private.

[1] There are several Drag specific tuning threads that folks have posted in the previous FMs Tuning Garage sections (ex. FM4, 5 and 6) which you should be able to search.

[2] Just go to the Free Play area, select Drag as the racing option, the tracks with drag capability will show on screen, then you can pick a specific type/environment (1/4, 1/2, 1-mile for 2 or more cars). Most of it is open, yet, you can be class specific as well (unless it was removed for FM6). I usually run R or P. I do have a 1968 Alpha Romeo 33 Stradale (P903-class, AWD) shared if you want to try it out. Also pulling one together for R855-class, RWD.


Try finding forza or drag specific clubs to join. Private lobbies are where you’ll find most serious drag racers and tuners. A private lobby like this usually will have vehicle restrictions Ex: 800 hp or less & 2800 lb’s or more. Shoot me a message online ill invite you to some clubs. GT: mxblaster292