What cars, tunes or liveries do you recommend for the upcoming rally expansion?

Im not in a crazy hurry for tunes. I dont think i really need tunes to enjoy the expansion. If i want a rally tune in a certain car category i could make one resoanbly good for my own use.

Back when HW was about to launch and i went info finding tunes for the hot wheels cars. Then when it launched as i was playing it realized lots of the cars arent very good for HW anyways because they’d lack top speed. Or even if they had the top speed they would need to be RWD. And literally one wrong slide of oversteer as i play on a keyboard meant loosing the event. On top of that the expansion was forcing it upon the player to be 1st or nothing. H3’s hot wheels had a similar issue for me

In that sense i would rather just go in blind and have fun. But as far as liveries goes -yes. Im always up for some nice liveries regardless.

Sharecode: 901 850 556 Works better with the custom licence plate i think

Sharecode: 183 066 627

Sharecode: 140 237 191

Sharecode: 310 545 097


@BedlamBorealis has an amazing S1 dirt tune for the Schuppan. He also has other good dirt tunes, so it’s worth checking out his creative hub.

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Its a livery based on The grand tour show… Their latest special episode Hammond drove a subaru impreza with a Martini livery, not Martin. But in the episode as a joke Clarkson scrached the "i " so it says Martin instead.

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What do you think about the 911 FE livery? I picked it up some time ago and instantly liked it for some reason but now upon sharing it im having second thoughts. I like the black/blue color mix but the stickers feel all over the place

Any viable S13 Silvia options seeing as the 240RS isn’t available?