What cars have way too many gears?

I recently got to tuning the new NSX and I learned that it has 9 gears. (Now I have the ratios shortened and am learning to short-shift for traction). What other cars are like this?

Can’t you just use 6 then use the others for overdrive?

Anyway, this is homework you’re supposed to do yourself, but there are many, like the Corvette Z06, Dodge Hellcat, Dodge Demon, Dodge Durango, Jeep Trackhawk, Ford Raptor 2017, Bentleys, Jaguars…

I’m not sure if you’re thinking this is a mistake from PG or what, but the NSX actually has a 9 speed auto in reality.

Most automatic cars these days have 8 or more gears. The new Fords even have a 10 speed.


Th way it was implemented almost feels like an easter egg. You don’t even find out until you really tune.

In spirited driving you’ll never touch the higher gears anyway, they’re for saving fuel.

Any idea why those old turbo engines have very high redline? The 22B’s engine has a 8000 rpm redline yet peak power is reached at 6000… I’m sure the Skylines are similar.

In the newer STIs they lowered the redline, but the engine behaves much the same. I like the torque but it’s a car you have to learn.

Newer cars have a much tighter focus on emissions, so there is less of a reliance on high-rpms for peak power (even in turbos).

Still love my high revving 320hp K20. Its my daily driver and no bs, it brings me so much joy. I get a little depressed if I dont drive for a couple days. My redline is 8600 but peak power is at 8000

I’m part-way through putting a 2ZZGE in to my '98 Corolla, will be staying NA but will be aiming to get it at least over the 200HP mark. ~7600rpm peak power and 8200rpm redline.

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Build it up! I think that engine has something similar to the VTEC in the Honda engines. It took time to build it up but man was it worth it and this is my 2nd one. The first one blew up at 225000 miles. Its the same K20 from the RSX in the game that comes with 200 but i’ve done so much to it. Race clutch/flywheel, intake, headers, no cat exhaust, bigger manifold, bigger injectors and throttle body. All that wouldnt matter without KPro tuning. Instead of a 6000 vtec crossover, mine comes on at 4000. So lots of high cam action, i’m not worried about saving gas lol i’m having fun. If I ever get rid of my car, I cant go back to anything slower than what I drive now. I need a little more power to beat those 5.0 GTs but the V6 mustangs/camaros get ate up for a snack

Well, how should it be implemented? It’s public knowledge that most automatic cars these days have well over 6 gears. So, yeah I guess if someone isn’t aware of how many gears the NSX has in real life they may be surprised. But it’s no easter egg or anything.

10 on those racing trucks I believe.

Curious timing here, as just last night I posted a 7-speed tune for the 2015 Corvette Z06 because the 8-speed gearbox was too much fuss for my liking. With peak torque hovering around 4500 and peak power at redline, using all 8 speeds keeps the revs up and you don’t really get to dig into the power band. I don’t know how the Z06’s automatic transmission exploits that in real life, but I found manual shifting through an 8 speed torque-y powertrain to be a tad wasteful.

I instead widened the ratio in the gearbox to race on 7 gears, the 8th gear being just tall enough to nudge you out of the redline at top speed to hold peak horsepower.

These cars with 8+ gears, the last couple are definitely just overdrive gears.

I have a couple Subarus with the #199 engine swap, topping out in 5th. The power band is so wide on that engine without a cam, it’s not worth the time to shift. You get a few extra PI to play with. too, as the archaic shift “logic” fails to recognize the potential of shifting at 5200 even though rev cut is over 7k. :slight_smile:

Speaking of, It would be great to have realistic automatics. Shift points optimized with each gearset change. Automatic/manual swap, torque converters, stall speed mods (drag racing anyone?)… top gear cruising at low speeds, responsive kick down you know, creature comforts, triple-A features, things to really write home about.

Same reason diesels do? Engine braking?

The #199 swap produces 97% of peak power from something like 4200 to 5000. I shift at 52-5300. 3800 to 6200 IIRC, is still 90% of max power. It’s like a Tesla with gears.

Most of the cars in the game, once you add a racing transmission if you have that option, will reduce it to 6 gears. Anything over 6 gears, I be sure to get all my power in those 6. 7, 8 or 9 gears is too many to downshift back to 2nd or 3rd

Ik it might be irrelevant but on my other account I have a cebera speed 12 that has a top speed of 266 (car has 6 gears) but I’ve hit that in 5th

Race transmission keeps the gear count. Drivetrain swap gives 6.

all the early aussie cars have to many gears stock

Im not sure about the rest but the NSX is a 9 speed in real life too

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