What Car Pack should i buy?

I have enough money to buy one but i’m not sure which one to get.


Whichever one has more cars that interest you. You may want to wait a few days for the December Car Pack to drop, just in case that has more of your favorites/more interesting cars to you. I personally like both packs equally.

Yup, what ^ said - the one that looks like it will be the most fun.

That said, with Forza games comes the capability to totally transform a car that is otherwise bland and uninteresting into something amazing or even just have a car totally surprise you in stock form.

While there are sufficient nice cars in the game for me to always have one around that I WANT to drive at any given moment, I force myself to regularly choose a car that is unknown or otherwise not to my normal taste and spend some time in it. Doing this has resulted in many surprises and new found respect and admiration for cars and manufacturers.

Buy them all lol. How much money do you have? If you have enough you could just buy the car pass, then you will get all the car packs.