What are the optimal controller settings for RWD?

Yeah it’s hard to tell how players would stack up in online races when there’s currently no measure in place. Unfortunately rivals is really the only way currently but obviously lacks a few key things such as other players in the race.

I hear you on the meta thing though. Ultimately all of this who is better than who doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re having fun. In my case I had fun chasing Jezzas times while trying RWD. Now I’ve moved onto creating blueprints as I’ve never done that before and I’m finding it quite cool for now.

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I wonder how many of these people play on PC? You can map clutch and shift to be performed by one button to act like regular manual and its even faster than manual with clutch on a console. I also wonder how its seen. Legit exploit or cheating? It’s a real thing but people tend not to talk about it. (Understandably)

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Honestly I’m coming around to the camp that manual with clutch on controller is cheating.

One of the few reasons why I play manual without clutch.

I do wish I could clutch kick though (even though that’s a technique you don’t really need in FH).

It’s even more effective when one button does clutch and shift on PC like normal manual. It’s impossible to clutch and shift as fast on console.

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Yup. Issue is banning third party controller apps that can do that means banning DS4 windows, screwing those of us who only have PlayStation controllers.

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On Twinloop I found the Jesko easier to drive with auto than manual which is very weird. It seems like auto has some additional helpers working in the background.
Way less throttle control required.
As a result the fastest time was in auto.

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Generally it’s better to play with as less assists as possible but in some rare cases it is not a bad idea to enable TC for some op RWD cars.

Myself as a keyboard player i only use ABS but i managed to get a new personal best time in A800 Dunas Blancas while using TC and that would be top200 in rivals if there wern’t fake times on top. I’m not the only one who did it and i assume that while TC may cut 1-2 seconds you can still get a good time.