What a rush!

Today I had one of those moments you really long for as a sim racing driver. I did the # 2 Showcase Event - Unrestricted Early GT Racing with the Zakspeed Ford at Watkins Glen.
What an amazing race. Full field of 24 cars at the twisty Watkins Glen. And the rush you get when you apply full throttle at the exit of turn one and try to keep it full through turn 2, 3 and 4 is amazing.
It was a very long time since I last had an experience like this in a sim racing game. Forza 6 is a fantastic game, in my opinion it is the best racing game available. Great job!

It is so much fun pushing till every nerve in your body tells you to slow down and you make it through without lifting. I also get a big rush with this and many, many are pushing even harder that me as my times are quite slow. Ice water in their veins I guess. LOL

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