Whassup wit dat?

Ever since I got the Porsche pack, FH2 crashes the first time I launch it, during the initial loading screen (slideshow w/piano).

2nd bootup works fine every time. Whassup wit dis?? Turbo lag?

Hasn’t happened to me yet. But whenever I boot up FH2 I’m always looking anxiously for the slideshow - it means I haven’t lost my game save yet.

Sometimes happened to me before I could get to the opening car meet scene; froze for some reason after hearing the droning noise which is annoying. Before Horizon 2 used to freeze when selecting cars but now it does it during gameplay and multiplayer roadtrips and whenever it feels like it tbh. Power cycling is a temporary fix but isnt enough.

Mine works fine, every time. My only suggestion is to strap a bike helmet on your Xbox One console, hopefully it will reduce the risk of a crash in the future.

Personally I hadn’t had any freezing issues until the last week or two. I’ve been getting game freezes at random in online road trips and have to fully power down and restart again.

The last three times that I’ve started up the game this has happened to me now. I’ll get as far as the slideshow then the screen goes black with an awful audio glitch and then crashes to the dashboard. Second time I load the game it starts up fine.