Well it’s official I’m done

Hyundai seriously… oh hey and a bunch of “new cars” that are previously on or can buy in the auto show. Maybe some day it won’t be a consistent disappointment every season. :v:t2:


See you in a month then

I’ll enjoy my i30N thank you very much


To each their own I don’t see any good cars on this season

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Ok. Bye then.


The Hyundai is literally the best car of this season and I waited long for it. lol bye then!

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One wanted/interesting car in a series doesn’t make a good series. :person_shrugging:


Good thing there’s more than one, there’s at least 3

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Well, it’s okay for you then…

I liked the new Hyundais - the i30 N and Kona N. I asked for these. I’ll be fine collecting all the cars from this month’s playlist.

I guess you had quite a run with your FH5 journey. Goodbye! :wave:

And for me, I’ll enjoy my Kona N, i30 N, and Lynk 02 Hatch.

I come back and loath that I don’t mod to get the few cars I miss and nothing is on the autoshow. Kinda peeved they ban for mods that don’t ruin the game but I definitely hate cheaters ruining the game. cough cough leaderboards still useless as always

Even though you may not like them, you can’t deny that there has been a severe lack of South Korean cars in this game.

Its only fair that the Korean market gets represented too. Hopefully Kia can make a partial return too.

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Seriously? The game is getting close to 2½ years old, and you are whining about the new contant not being to your liking?

YES! i also whine, every single Thursday about the AI, the sillyness of some of the playlist events, ect ect, but i am kinda amazed that we are still getting new, free content, after close to 2½ years.


Yes, you are amusing to listen to and watch on your channel :rofl:

I always enjoy it whenever i tune in, good job :+1:


The Hyundai cars are the best thing about this season. The Kona is one of the most unique (and best looking IMO) cars under the Sports Utility Heroes restriction, and I voted for the i30N to be in the game.

South Korea is severely underrepresented in the game, which is made even more unfortunate by the fact that Hyundai has be absolutely nailing it in terms of car design of late.

It’s fine if they aren’t for you, but having so much variety in the game is a good thing, even if it means that some months just aren’t going to be for you.

You really are complaining about the wrong cars though.

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waz and snapper made fh4 hilarious…haha.


You are a literal defender of karen

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I came back I don’t know why. But I found the Twisted Knot event lab. I duff my derby to @Twisted_Knot for one of the funnest event labs in a long time.

But that’s all folks!

I can’t do the rest of the grind. Can’t even keep up with the FMugg grind.

Ran a bit of FM6 and wondered why the even needed an FM7? But FM7 is still a cut beyond FM8.

Maybe the PS12 version will be better when it comes out in another 6 years. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You should stick around, Play some other Events. The FCG discord hosts an event every Saturday / Wednesday where we convoy up and play EventLabs together.

The game is getting old now but the fresh content by creators and the seasonals can be fun to do together. That said it’s good to keep your gaming options open and feel that you shouldn’t commit to playing just one specific game as regardless of the game you’ll eventually get tired of it. Keep options open and play multiple different games each week. Xbox/Pc game pass is really handy for that :slight_smile:


What time, time zone on Saturday?

Don’t forget the holiday in honour of our Lord Gabe Newell

Better known as the Steam Summer Sale