Weird Rainbow-y Vegetation Textures?

My PC specs are:
MSI RTX 2060 Ventus 6GB
Ryzen 5 3600

Settings: High and Ultra

I don’t know whether this is a bug or something wrong with my graphics card.


That looks like graphics card artifacts, did you overclock it? and what driver version you use?

dont use latest driver.

Hey, same problem for me … These rainbow texture are all around my car sometimes in squares and sometimes even my map is a big black square and I dont know why. The game tells me that my vram is to low with 6GB, but my RTX 2080 has 8GB vram … Any help?


I also have a lot of rainbow colors on Trees, Bushes, Vegetation and on road.
Changing graphic settings won’t fix this.

i7 4770
RTX 2060

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Same here with RTX 2060

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I also have this issue with rtx 2060

Read the PLEASE READ thread pinned above. If your issue is not in the Known Issues List, follow the instructions to submit a ticket so the team can log and investigate.

Welp I have the same issues with RTX 3060 and i5 11400… Appears like if the game had a serious memory leaks… But so far I havent found a fix to this… If I do, I will let yall know.

This bug is caused by the newest nVidia driver (516.40), download and install previous one (512.95) to solve those issues.


I did this yesterday and haven’t had the issue since. Thanks!

Thank you very much! The game runs A LOT BETTER now! Even the fps is more stable!

This is a specification flaw in D3D12 that occurred less with older drivers, but still did occur randomly,

the next nvidia driver includes a partial fix but requires a change from the game clients end too, this change has already made it into MSFS.

We’ve been living with this for months in FH5. Its time it makes into this game, too. Tired of seeing this.

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