Weeks of Work Destroyed

Dear Sirs,
An update was sent to my Xbox One for Forza 5 … or sync … not sure which. But it destroyed weeks of work. Hours of racing to accumulate credits, customized car’s and their cost to me, with hours spent working on designs. I contacted Xbox one support, but they are unable to compensate me for this destruction of data. I cannot get back the hours and hours of work. My Credits were set back considerably, and my lvl went from 40+ to lvl 16! Old data was uploaded onto my Xbox one, and all the data which was currently on the system was removed. I deserve some kind of compensation for this gross error.
Jay Totten

You’d be better off contacting Turn 10 directly at forzafb@microsoft.com.

Your only level 40ish and expecting compensation. You must be joking. Take for instance I’m nearly level 750 with over 250 logged hours playing this game. If all my data were lost or destroyed the only thing I would be worried about are my custom vehicle tunes which are all recorded on paper. If my designs disappeared, I could recreate them and I would eventually reach level 750 again. After reading your post I think you are being unrealistic. Good luck!



Be happy you didn’t grow up during the Nintendo era and hoping your save for Tecmo Bowl was still there.


Video games are by nature a luxury and offer no entitlement to anything - especially when it only comes to data. I agree that it sucks and it would be awesome for them to gift you the lost credits, but realistically that’s the risk you take by sinking hours into something that relies on save states. Try losing over 300 hours in Morrowind, or an entire Game Cube memory card.


So we buy the game and were not entitled to the save data? What?

You are not entitled to anything should the save data become corrupted, no. There was a time when people bought the game and they didn’t even have the option of saving, or had to buy another, separate device to have that option. The things we take for granted…

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Gents, the ‘my time spent in Forza is greater than your time spent in Forza’ doesn’t help here. While the original poster is expecting too much in terms of compensation, the helpful answer is to direct anyone who experiences this issue to contact Turn 10 directly at forzafb@microsoft.com or to send HeliosT10 a private message with any information regarding the lost game save.

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