Weekly forzathon bugged

So it might be related to Fortune Island… I haven’t been there, and I don’t have the bug, but a few weeks ago I did go there, and I did have the bug.

I’m good so far for spring season and haven’t been to Fortune Island since the Stuggart week … This is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Do to keep track of your points? Sadly I don’t keep a close eye and couldn’t say fer sure if I lost anything.

Going back and forth between the mainland and Fortune Island, the weekly challenge switches between Grand Prize and Stuggart’s Heraldry. Completing either of them again does not fix the Spring Bonus showing 0/1 on the #Forzathon page, but you do get rewarded with #Forzathon Points again.

As long as it don’t affect my 100% it shows as complete on the playlist on the series I dont care as I got the 200 points I think twice so that makes up more missing the bonus 60 points a few times because of resets

has allready affected mine 2 weeks back completed 100% for the week then went to fortune and set as home for the season change ( what you have to do if want new seasonals there not marked as done another long running bug) logged in after the season change lo and behold weekly was reset (not done and expired) after season change ……… and what a surprise after series 11 update this weeks again not complete and haven’t been near fortune island arrrrh have all ready done this weeks twice

I have set my home on mainland again so we see if that was the issue with the next series 11 upcoming events when they start tomorrow

I didn’t know that this was a fix for the Fortune Island Seasonal issue!! What’s the point of submitting a ticket (several months ago)??

Thanks for the info. I’ll try it next week.

When I completed Wednesday’s challenge, it unlocked the bonus even though it displayed 0/1 for the weekly challenge. I had recompleted the weekly challenge, but I’m not sure if that made a difference.

Noticed today that this was marked as unfinished, despite that I finished this last week.

My weekly challenge reset too but it’s still done in the challenges menu so it doesn’t matter. I love it. It’s a great way to get an extra 200 fp if you want.

With 100% showing in the playlist this week ,96% for the series with the expired autumn weekly . Forzathon tab shows as 7/7 and 0/1 for the weekly but completed in car section might be fixed sort of with series 11 update. but wont risk setting home to fortune for the change over just in case . wish would fix the fortune island seasonal glitch ( season events showing as completed it not there on changeover)

The seasonal championships at fortune island not resetting isnt a glitch
Its the way they are
Only the pr stunts get changed

I had issues early on and had to repeat the Speed Trap to progress. Now It says the Daiies and Weekly are complete yet the Playlist reckons I have not completed the Weekly. I did a couple of Road Race events as a precaution but it made no difference. One day they may even get the game to work consistently!

Another issue I had completed the 7 daily challenges and 100% on season 10 on my xb1x am away for two day break synced up the data only to find the last two daily challenges wasnt showing up as complete am waiting to I get home and hopefully get the save on my xb1x forced to the cloud to fix that so hopefully I wo not miss 100% in summer with the daily challenges

Doesnt add up
If you only missed the last 2 days you should still be able to do them since you get 3 full days to complete each daily
And its only been 1 day since changeover so it would have been impossible to 100% before you had your 2 day break

Anyway does it matter. Theres no reward for getting 100% again if already had it