Weekly Events are a Participation Trophy now. Weak

Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but in the online seasonal race events when you’re supposedly racing against “unbeatable” drivatars, if your team is losing the race, at the end a bunch of drivatars will magically disappear and your team will 100% of the time win the race. I was starting to notice this in a few races where my team was losing badly and then magically won at the last second so I started purposely hanging at the back of the pack and sure enough, 100 yards from the finish line almost ALL the drivatars either just stop in the middle of the road or disappear altogether.

This probably happened around the same time that Playground Games also no longer required a win to get the drop car. All you have to do is show up.

At this point, if the fix is in and a win is guaranteed, why even have the events at all? What a joke.

This has been the case with Street trials for as long as I’ve been doing them. Doesn’t always happen but certainly more than 50% of the time 1-2 of the drivatars will never finish.

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Haven’t noticed that.

Last weeks trial was one of the easier ones, any time you are in A class and can AWD swap a car against the AI you’re going to be able to hold an advantage. Will be interesting to test this theory on S1 Super or Hyper class races.

The trophy for Playground Games made sense to me, because that game mode, frankly, sucks…to me. I know a lot of people like it, and that’s fine, but when you are dependent upon your team mates not only being “semi ok” at the game, having the right car for the engagement in addition to knowing how to play, and also sticking around for all the rounds and not rage quitting…its just an exercise in frustration. I’m glad they changed it.


Glad from a personal perspective I think you mean, it’s a poor reflection on the mode and/or it being in the playlist that it had to come to that.

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AI gets stopped by traffic that’s all. Haven’t had a respectful team in weeks.

I get that sometimes AI gets stopped by traffic or goes off the road, and that AWD is better than the default RWD. That is not what I am talking about. The experiences I am talking about are that the AI literally disappears. The cars are there one second, and the next they are gone. You can literally stop racing in last place, like just stop on the road, and you will still place.

Well I see nothing bad in that.
You get bad team, you lead the race and get nothing, do more of similar runs, so you’re again left empty handed.
I’m fine with those kind of AI shenanigans , so I don’t have to deal with all people “randomness” all over again. Doing trial once or twice a week is more then enough for me.
Also I don’t mind PGG participation only option, I suck at it and I’m not alone there, but now I don’t have to loose my mind, because of traying again and again and … to finally get a win.

I’m more concerned about AI force fields that can push you away like a feather, or turn you around on the spot, by just getting near them, or they having cars powered by black hole, with super grip to boot.

I have not seen or experienced this.

I’d say I finish first in the trial races about 90% of the time and I’ve seen plenty of team mates lose the event for us because of bad performance. There was no AI “help”.

The most terrifying thing in this game is when you’re next to an AI opponent and they start to vibrate.

EDIT: I just ran this weeks Trial and something is definitely broken. In the third race there was an AI that had opened up a lead, I eventually caught up to him to take first place. I crossed the finish line with that AI no further than a couple seconds behind me with no other team mate or AI even close to finishing. As I was watching the score board and waiting for the race to end all of a sudden the remaining AI (including the one that was only a couple seconds behind me) were pushed to the back of the standings and my team finished first through sixth place.

We had already won the first two races so I doubt this had anything to do with making the races easier.

I’ve only noticed this during this past week during the Trial only. But I only ran it once so far. I even commented I was curious to hang back and see what happened but I figured it was either traffic, or bad pathing which can happen when they overrun a turn or get caught behind a building (much like I did)

Regarding this happening back when PGG went Participation-Only, that is a hard no. lol. I have had to come from the back more than a few times when run off the road by teammates or other shenanigans. The AI might be tougher during some events and easier during others, but they have never just stopped racing or fallen off the track. You’ll get one or two that glitch out for some reason, like bouncing off the finish line barrier or stuck behind a house but not full on stop or disappear.

I am definitely going to hang back now to watch…my apologies to anyone who still needs the win for the event, lol. I’ll try to sandbag only as long as we are either drastically behind on points or solidly leading.

Wait…what did it filter?

I typed the words “sand” and “bag” …seriously?

Never noticed this. In fact, i still need to win the trial, tried three times, and my team always win the first one and lose the other ones. Wish this bug was activated before i lost my patience lol.

So I specifically ran the Trial a few times to watch for the AI. Oh, and to test my Z06 Vette…def better than my Mustang.

In the first race, there is definitely something amiss with the AI. I got shoved out of a gate by a teammate so I took that opportunity to hang back. I stayed in view and kept an eye on the leaderboard. It was all AI in the top spots with a few later in the ranking. At one point near the end, four of the AI ended up behind me. I passed no one, there was no accident, grouping, anything. So unless their path took them down a different road that I did not see, they were essentially gone.

The second race, all was normal. A few times one would go off the road. There were AI collisions with oncoming cars…the usual behavior for Street. And they ended up taking the win with the top 3 spots or so. No shenanigans…or at least, no new shenanigans. lol

The last race, something was amiss with the pathway for the AI. It was particularly difficult to actually stay behind them. Some acted as if they were in an accident when nothing happened. While the rest of my team dropped out, I was the sole player left…I ended up finishing fourth… having only passed one other car.

So yeah, I would say something is amiss with the AI this Trial. But also something is amiss with the players this Trial as well. It says something when I am intentionally hanging back and still passing some teammates. lol

It has done this in street races for ages, e.g. you can see it here:

AI right behind me on the minimap, no human visible on the minimap, but a human comes 2nd. No traffic on the road that could have stopped the AI.

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Exactly. The only way you are losing multiple trials in a row at street is if you don’t have anyone who can beat the drivatars AND have one or two players who don’t get to the finish at all (as overtaking the disappearing drivatars requires you to finish).

I’ll generally be around tomorrow if anyone is still struggling to do this one. Feel free to invite me to convoy.

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Or if it’s S2 Lamborghini in Winter.

On the last race I noticed the AI could miss the bridge near the end sometimes. But we definitely lost 3 Trials in a row. So no, it’s not a participation trophy.

The S2 Lambo winter trial was probably my favourite ever trial. I did that one about 50 times and my recollection is that only two of them were team losses. Would have been a lot more though without the bug being discussed in this thread!

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Who cares?

I don’t care about winning the weekly events, I just want the new car.

Sick of getting grouped with idiotic team mates who noob it up with automatic transmissions, and corner bombing me all the damn time.

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