weekly beta test report version 1.111.7523 - November 27

it appears that the brake lights for the 03’ Ford Focus RS are the wrong color.
Brake lights should be “RED” not “Yellow”

i look forward to posting future beta reports!! LOL


Um, pretty sure this isn’t a beta.

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If the patch notes don’t mention fixing said brake lights, this thread doesn’t even work well as sardonic commentary.

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Where I grew up just having brake lights was a luxury no matter the color. Well, actually you had to have a car first.


Yep. One brake light (as opposed to 3 now) and no turn signals (all done with hand signals). That’s how far I go back. Not my first car, but rather my first recollection of Dad’s cars in the mid 50s.


Wow almost forgot about that wonder if peeps have to know how to use hand signals now days and is it still part of the test I rember having to have to do Stop And turn hand signs for my Driving test.

@Luna while my Birth certifict may not be carved in stone it was filed in by hand by a clerk at the registery office trained in fanch script using a Fountain pen

OMG, your birth certificate must be carved in slate. Did you ever meet Henry Ford?

Thanks for that report, cause I was starting to wonder why the 03’ Focus was breaking down on every corner entry.

ps. I look forward to not seeing news reports of a silver 2009 Mustang GT driving into a crowd.

i think the crowds are ok, before i put some new nitto’s on it, me and my son went out to burn the rest of the rubber off the rear’s.

found out my Mustang is defective, it only does massive burnouts in a straight line, have an appointment scheduled for winter to get her fixed!! LOL